Monday, 11 February 2008

Worms Eat my Flesh...

The Cure and Ballet... Hmmm Thoughts?

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Behind the 8 Ball

Here are a couple of links for you fans out there...

Lolthulhu yes you read that right... go see NOW

When in doubt or when you need a question answered... go here ask and you shall recieve. Remember to SHAKE the ball do not just click...

Just been looking at some sites and I found a few links so enjoy them... have and am...

News on internet... we has it!!! WooT ofcourse that would be better if my computer was now not at the repair place (my friends house) getting a re install and re build - but hey when it gets back I can gets on the nets at home. ATM we (Anjel and I) are sharing a 'puter so no joint WoW is occuring and that makes me sad... By the time I get back on the next expansion will be out! HA

Work news I start another short term contract for 8 weeks although this time I will be only working 5 days a week not 7 like last time and this position my even turn into a perminant Mon- Fri job so I can give up the weekend work and Anjel and I can have a day off together ... scared? Hell yeah!!!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Stealing Friends Bandwidth

Fed up with stealing internets from work I am now at a friends place for a Barbie 'Que (that is the posh way to write it do'tcha know). Anyhoo so I choose to ran away from the crowd and blog here to the one person who may still be reading this blog - Hello you.

So anyway, this girl comes to the party with a three week old kitten who has been abandoned by it's mother and she has been having trouble feeding it... after watching the hostess struggle with the poor little thing I stepped in and asked to have a go. I took kitty in hand, held it's little arms down so it wouldn't get in the way and simply put the little syringe in it's mouth and gave him foods. It was so cute to feed the little thing - if only Anjel was not allergic to Cats... they are my favourite. I do Love little Cookie and Henry (our pups) but a cat is just such a lovely little pet especially when it cuddles into you and wants pats.

Oh well one day.

Oh Anjel and I made a deal - if I buy her a special Bridle for her horse (approx $200) I can get Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii - ofcourse with my Computer woes and no internet problems I think that I will be having to buy a new computer and have the cash to pay for the internet before I get anything else. Of course Anjel has - or will soon - have her Horse Float back (over $1200 to fix and register!!) (not that I complain we did get a good deal and a new one would have cost us MUCH MUCH more) oh well such is life... Hmmm maybe I should do my tax from last year and see what I can get back and use that for a new computer... easier then saving..

Ok hope you is all well...

Love Hugs and Kisses but no sex on the first date!!!