Sunday, 22 February 2009

Danny Choo

I have found a new site to watch and enjoy - with the upcoming (positive thoughts) trip to Japan I have been interested and looking for Japanese items and culture in all sorts of places... and then guest Blogger at Boingboing Danny Choo shows up! This man lives and breathes Japanese things and his site is a wonderful treasure trove of things for me and Anjel to look at and enjoy. So check him out! Link

Also via Danny I found this... Another piece of shit from SONY caution it contains fucking swear words.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Interesting Links

The first link today is about my past... or more accurately a great anime series I saw as a child. As apparently the builder of this masterful piece of Lego ... the Space Battleship Yamato. BB Link and Brickshelf link


Up next is an article from Joel Johnson about the PSP - I have a PSP, pretty much my first portable gaming device - OK so I do also have a Nintendo Gameboy... but I was not serious about that I only got one game!

I bought the PSP as an investment to the future of gaming I thought this was going to be the one machine I could take anywhere and do so much with; movie, music, games and pictures. It can do all this, I am not saying that it doesn't. It's just crap at doing it. The game titles are uninspiring and as for all the other things well I did download a program to convert DVD's for playback but after all the upgrades and add-on's SONY has put a stop to that. Hey I would love it if I could put my electronic PDF'ed (obtained legally) books on it to read - but alas I canna even do that.

So now sadly my PSP sits in it's hard case gathering dust - every so often I get it out charge it up, reset the date and time and have a crack and playing something only to reminded that although a brilliant idea and a great piece of hardware there are just so many more BETTER things out there. I really wish I had bought a DS instead.

Signing off for now!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Wedding Pictures

OK we have pictures up on the Photographers site - follow link and enjoy!

Then have a look at Glass Magnolias other pictures on the main site - she is great photographer and did a wonderful job for our day!

Sunday, 1 February 2009


It seems that the fates are sending me signals... maybe good ones maybe bad ones but signals all the same.

The Watchmen movie is coming - and yes I will admit I have not read the comic (although Constance is going to lend me her copy when she gets it back from her cousin-in-law) so I am looking forward to seeing and reading that one. The first move of the fates was to place no less then 3 Watchmen promo material on the way to us watching Underworld 3 last night (yes it was everything I expected and I enjoyed it very much - the comment afterwards from Constance "I love throw away movies".  And for Anjel it was the first of the Underworld series... and she got the whole idea - we might have to have a Underworld 1 and 2 night to bring her up to speed... mind you I am not even sure I saw Underworld 2...)

Then I see this at ABC online - He-Man live action. Which they did (as The Masters of the Universe) in the 80's with ... well I seemed to remember enjoying it at age 12 or so, so it was probably bad... in fact I am willing to bet on that. So what will this one be like? Hmmm I can say that Matel are in on it - so it will have a toy line and be advertised extensively - maybe it will bring the He-Man universe to a whole new generation of kids... and become the big seller for that Christmas... I might need to get a nephew convinced so I can have a excuse to go see it with him!

To provide more proof that the fates are setting me up, I read this this morning.  John Scalzi's latest article at AMC - what books would you like to see made into a SciFi movie. He has some interesting choices - and some of them I would like to read myself or see. A quick read of the comments shows that there are a lot of Sci Fi books that people would love to see made into a movie. But the common theme of these comments is that the studios will get it wrong.

This makes me think is there anyway that a book can be made into a movie and still be good or remain true? Now there are some that have (John mentions "Children of Men" which I really enjoyed) but there are a whole lot of others that are just plan crap.

I suppose what this had brought me around to is - are the fates getting me all excited and stimulated with thoughts of new movies (this has not been the case for many a year - I can't remember the last movie that I just HAD to go see) just to have my hopes and dreams dashed because they make an EPIC FAIL of a movie.

Or are they saying to me - be like Underworld was, a great night out with you love and friend laugh at the movie, enjoy it and take it for what it is. A bit of fun and adventure - and Bill Nighy.