Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Hey we got a payment from Apple iTunes... Woot... well OK our distributor got a payment from Apple iTunes... I guess we see that sometime into the distant future - but WooT anyway.

To Celebrate this achievement I have decided to put up some band pics for all you rabid fans... OK for Jeff who once asked (at least I think he did - remember people I am is a drummer)

Here we are the Battle of the Band... I especially like this one as you cannot see me... In the DARKNESS... but it is a good one of the other guys!

In this one I look kinda weird in the red light... and a little mad for some reason... maybe Starkey farted?

This is what happens to 12 strings around me... surprisingly enough my good mate Sam fixed it all better... I bought a case for it after the "incident" and I haven't played it in years... too scared to tune the darn thing... (no I did not do this tuning it - I had an altercation with a chair... the guitar lost)

I think we need to get some more action shots... we have a gig on the weekend I will try to get a few more shots of the guys and maybe even one or two of me... wait and see

Thursday, 3 April 2008

She said yes...

Somehow the above seems a timely, to me at least... check out Anjel's page to find out why... (hint this is now my third time in this state... and I dare say the last) (and no I not one of the undead horde now... been that for ages on Facebook!)

Comic from here - great place to visit love the Trekkie test

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Where I blame Jeff

I saw this post of Jeff's just a few short minutes ago... So egar I was to jump on his band wagon I went to the LibraryThing site - became a member and started to put my Library on to the site. (Not that I blame Jeff for any of this - great idea - Fabulous even... read on for further explanation.)

Now I really think it would be a great idea for both myself to know what books I have and for other people to check out my books but what a Horrid process it is to upload your library - it takes so many steps to get your book choice on to you shelf... no really let me explain.

First you click the tab Add Book (so far so easy) then you Search for your key word (say Feist as I have nearly all of them... in fact I think I do have all his books) his books come up straight from Amazon or what ever source you want. Here is the many problem - you can only select one book at a time (and that process takes you through two steps) Why oh Why can't you select all the books you want to add from the one search I do not know.

Then I noticed the Tools tab and checked that out... What a Blog Widget!!! From which people can search my Library from my Blog AWESOME - If the FUCKING thing worked - I did it twice and for some reason my Widget searches a Group in Maine... Maine I live in Aust-Fucking-stralia PEOPLE!!! The other side of the world to Maine....

So great idea totally screwed up by bad programing and a stupid system to add books and thing to the library - I will leave it for tonight and go back to it when I am more awake - but if it is still stupid and not just me I will be removing myself...

Wait a minute - even when you say find a book you have in another persons library and you click on the Add To Your Library button - it takes you to the search page and you have to find your book again... WTF?

***Update I changed to the Show Random Books from my Library - this seems to work... and I think all the rest of the users are happy with slowly adding books to their library - I think the way to do it is to add by ISBN - time I do not have right now so laters***