Monday, 29 October 2007

Just cause John did it...

Ok John did this Aspergian test... and yes before anyone says it if John did then I must follow... go jump off a bridge John I am "sure" to follow... :)

Here is what I got, if you want to try go here...

Your Aspie score: 22 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 179 of 200
You are very likely neurotypical

So I am like John and Krissy neurotypical... woot!!


Something to think about in our short lives - they don't even know how long this clam 'could' have lived! If only it could talk!

The ocean quahog clam was dredged from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Iceland.
Researchers from Bangor University worked out the clam's age by counting the rings on its eight-and-a-half centimetre shell.
The clam's life started in 1602, when Queen Elizabeth I was still on the throne of England, and William Shakespeare was in his prime.

This comes at a strange time as I am reading Heinlein's Time Enough For Love, the story about Lazarus Long the man who is over 2,500 years old. So what would you do, could you do in all that time?

Imagine knowing that time was not fleeting anymore that you can learn what ever you want to survive and thrive no matter how long it took and still have time for all the other things - or will you learn that none of that matters and it is living in the present RIGHT NOW that is really the most important...

Thought for the day... do you think you would cope with eternity?

I don't think I would - I would have used the suicide button long before... especially if everyone I knew and loved had gone away... or I would be so set in my ways that no one could ever be expected to 'fit' into my life...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

YouTube silliness

Something frun from the Sk8tr boiz

Silly fun for all the family...

(note for some reason I cannot work out how to add a Youtube file to this post - I have done it before but now it does not want to work - boo so follow the link instead slackers)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Just for a Laugh

OK is you read Scalzi you'd have seen this already but for the 1 person who reads this blog that doesn't go to this link.

Basic premise - get a bunch of guys to go shirtless in an Abercrombie and Finch store (a store famous for it's depiction of shirtless men) and basically see what happens... a fabulous look at how a large store reacts to such behaviour...

Now as a Marketer that is someone with a degree in marketing and an interest in marketing the store manager (or duty manager) at this store HAD a great opportunity to use resource to increase it's marketing potential. Take this as a win for the store - hey they have a large statue of a semi naked man, posters everywhere and now shirtless men in the store.

Get on the PA and say for the next 30 mins any man in the store without a shirt can have a 10% discount on all shirts. Or something similar. Come on lets face it these stores have one reason for being and one reason only - to sell stuff. So as a manager your role is to sell stuff from your store. I can see that the upper management may have a problem with this - but show them your bottom line, your sales for the day and frankly anyone who would be upset by an increase in sales should probably not be in the retail game.

Corporate image blah blah, the marketing for A&F is buff semi-naked men, a model at the front door, a statue posters etc. If upper management didn't want this image then they should not have these images as there selling point.

Take Aussie Bum for instance - hey they go out making viral adverts for YouTube and similar sites but getting guys off the street to stripe and get on there undies. This is what Aussie Bum is, basics that are both sexy, fashionable and make you (the wearer) look good. If they had store fronts I am sure they would love to have guys walking around showing off there products - even just showing the waist band.

I feel sorry for the store manager of A&F he is only doing what his limited knowledge of marketing and sales tell him. He is probably worried he will get the sack for allowing something like this to happen - but did you hear the people outside, see the reactions the crowds... that is what sales is all about.

Anyhoo enough of a rant - good going to the team behind this stunt and I will have to check out more of their work!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

They have my vote just for this!

I wonder what the response will be from this statement from Labor in the lead up to the election 07...

The Opposition's Stephen Conroy says Labor will build a high-speed national fibre network that would lower prices and deliver 40-times faster broadband as part of its "education revolution" if it wins office.

I wonder what out Internet friend Senator Helen Coonan will say to Australian's getting faster cheaper broadband? Something she has clearly been against since she came to office. Why should we expect to pay less for something that all the other developed nations take for granted? Why we should all be happy to just put up and take it like good little children - eat your sprouts they are good for you!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Weekend Assignment 187: You're Late!

Well it has been a while so here we go...

Weekend Assignment #187: Share a story about when you were once memorably late to something. Late to a big event? To a date? To a wedding? Your wedding? If you were late, and it made for a good story, that's what we want to hear.

Extra Credit: How many times do you have to hit the alarm clock before you get up in the morning?

*Note this may sound similar to John's but I wrote it before reading John's own story - which you can either believe or not - your choice! But why I would just copy his story then post to his blog I do not know! Although mine has a happier if more deviate ending.

This was back when I was at Uni - for the second time...

End of semester - exam time - I took the day off work to do my final exam for the semester and the year... got up at a reasonable time (8:30 - at the time I worked 6am -2pm so i could go to class in the afternoon evening) and went about my business of getting up. Made toast, coffee got that all together and sat at the computer to review some stuff and check what room the exam was in.

You see I thought that I had an afternoon exam hence my apparent "at ease" state. I was wrong.

I clicked on my exam timetable and was horrified to see that my exam had started 10 minutes previously. My throat closed, I saw stars, I saw the whole semester of work being shoved doen the drain. I was in a state of panic. I ran around thinking WTF do I do???

You see the exam wasn't just down the road at the local campus, no the subject I wanted to do was held at the main campus a full hour drive away! So no chance that I could get there and have any hope of doing anything worthwhile for the exam.

The only thing left for me to do was - lie!

I rang my doctor, faked bad hayfever and astma and got a certificate, sent in all the paperwork and had the exam rescheduled for another time. I was back home by the time the exam was offically over.

After a few drinks I had a close to normal heart beat - and then checked (about 20 times) the date and time of my next exam - which was the afternoon exam I thought this one was.

I learned and made sure I knew all my exam times and still checked them a hundered times the night before...

Extra Credit:

I set the alarm at least 30 minutes before I really want/need to get up so I can do 3-4 snoozes... I like a good snooze. Although when I need to get up early just get up no snooze ( i.e. 6am or earlier)

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Want other on line stories... I have found Darryn Mason's story of post Bird Flu epidemic Sydney - chapter one can be found here... I will review the first few chapters in a day or so to get the feel of the way it is panning out.

Take a look and see what you think!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Second Chapter

The second chapter is up for "The Lost and Broken" check it out, here.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Story Time

A challenge from Jeff and my own wish to get something writen and out in the world. I have created a blog for a story I am writing - I have the first chapter up and running so go check it out here.
It is a style I am trying where I have each chapter from a different prespective which in turn tells the story from other people's POV.
I hope you like it.