Saturday, 30 June 2007

Weekend Assignment #172: Travel Under Own Power

John has done it again... forced me to write about something... well forced is a harsh word to use... but he did I tells you... can you look into these caring eyes and Not do what he asks? can you? I think not!

Weekend Assignment #172: Talk about a time in which you moved or traveled a significant distance under your own power. That means walking, running, swimming, biking, hiking, and so on -- in some significant way your muscles were involved. As for the distances involved, think miles; we're talking some real effort. It doesn't have to be a marathon or a triathlon (although those would count), just a time when you got to the end of what you were doing feeling tired but possibly triumphant as well.

OK my story starts when I was first at University (long story but the cut it short I went twice and got one degree - somehow I feel cheated!) I had it in my young mind that I wanted to be an environmental scientist when I grew up. So I was doing a Applied Science degree majoring in Environmental Science. In my second year I was asked by a post grad student to help with some survey work in the East Gippsland of Victoria. Basically we where working in the major Logging distinct of Cairn River, surveying frogs, gathering numbers and checking which species where around and if any where endangered. It was fun work and we got along really well. Simon the post grad student was about 5 years older then me and helped me out with some troubles I had at the time, girl friend (turned fiance), life, money and all that crap. It was nice to be able to escape into the bush and do some really cool exploring type stuff, drive around in a 4-wheel drive and really Go Bush!! (not in the political sense so calm down Jeff!!)

A 4-wheel drive I hear you say... I thought this was about going under your own power?? Well yes it is, and that part of the story goes a little something like this.

For most of our trips out and about we used a Toyota Land Cruiser, a big long wheel base vehicle, roof racking, wench at front and back, a real machine with an extra tank attached for long hauls. We drove that thing everywhere - I remember a time when we came across this HUGE tree that had fallen across the track, its circumference was taller then the truck, so there was no way our little chain saw was going to cut through that baby. So, we made a path around the tree and even though truck was at a slight angle (so much of an angle I got out and walked) we made it around OK. We really trusted and like that truck, so when we went to the Universities Vehicle Centre to head out again, we were sad to learn that somewhere else had booked out our baby and we where left with a Toyota Hilux. The Hilux was an impressive truck, high wheel base and some Monster tyres, the tray had a hard top canopy on it and all looked really good, so off we went.

The Vehicle Centre always filled the trucks up for us before we left and we always did a quick fill up at the last service station before hitting the real bush. When I filled the tank I noticed that the fuel gauge hadn't moved, we had travelled 3 hours from Canberra so we both expected to see some drop in fuel. This worried us greatly, how could we tell how much fuel we has left if the gauge didn't work? A little concerned we drove to our main base camp, unpacked, set up and had a quite drink to discuss our plans for the week in the bush.

Getting our maps out we worked out we would be travelling nearly 600 kms in the week - would the tank last for that amount to distance, with some 4-wheel driving and up and down hills and still get us back to the service station? Re planning our priorities we worked out a system whereby we would drive to a point and walk the rest of the way, conduct our surveys and walk back to the truck or camp over night.

Now as part of our surveying we had to walk a long way as it was. We first would walk from the track down to the creek or stream, walk up the stream, measuring out every 50 metres for at least a kilometre, whilst also conducting a day light search for frogs, spawn, tadpoles and frog habitat. Then at the end of the survey section, we would set up a small afternoon camp, maybe have a swim in the water (down stream) and cook up some dinner and wait for dusk. Then we would walk back along the section with head lamp and hand torch, looking for those little amphibian critters. Catch, id, measure and release those we saw. Detect and count those we heard and avoid the swimming Red Belly Black Snakes (once i encountered one that was at least 5 feet long, we came to an agreement whereby I went right he went left - I think he ended up eating the frog I heading towards - such is life in the WILD. I have more stories to tell of the nasties we found over the summer, leeches, Copperheads and others).

So here we are, already walking quite a bit, with the extra mileage clocking up as we park many kms from where the creek/streams start, doing over night hikes down rough tracks. All in order to save fuel because we thought we where really close to running out. So after that week so hiking almost everywhere, putting off some streams and area because it took us so much longer to get to them. We finally decided to head back to the service station, fill up and go home. Tired and very weary looking we must have been a site for the operator behind the counter. That was the single best tasting cold beverage I have ever had - and it was only Coke (beers came after we got back to campus - before we showered even... hehehe nothing beats the sink of a week in the bush like the beer soaked carpet of a campus bar!). After we filled up I was responsible for filling in the trucks log book, I grabbed the receipt off Simon and entered all the details, kms travelled, litres of fuel and the cost... I noticed that we had travelled less kms in the bush then we had driving down from Canberra... man we must have walked a lot in this week. I made this comment to Simon who said that next week when we came down again we where going to take it easy and just do some call boxes (a recording device that samples frog calls over a period of a few weeks, a few seconds recording at a time, these are then listened to and records kept as the what frogs called and how often etc), much to my relief.

Simon had a chat to the vehicle maintenance guy, saying that the fuel gauge was not reading right. The guy laughed and said "long range tank"'. Both Simon and I where puzzled by this response and said in unison "What?".

"The Hilux has a long range tank, the gauge doesn't register until you use up all the fuel in the long range part... hey you guys didn't even get to half a tank.." to which he then had to stop ridiculing us 'cause he was laughing so hard.

Needless to say that beer went down well and the few after it... we never took the Hilux again.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Raygun - the means to get Ray -

I have just found the site!!! This is brilliant - I wish I had enough cash to purchase one of these... Hmmm Rayguns.... If only I has the cash... Oh well go have a looksee.
I could run around the house zapping all the baddies and maybe even set up a room complete with all these great Sci-Fi props... Oh such loveliness.... dreams...
Weta are a brilliant company and the fact that they are selling things like this means that fans like me can one day when we are cashed up get things like this... just because.
Happy day!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Monday Photo Shoot - Crowds

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a picture of a crowd or crowded event. Conventions, weddings, parties in cramped spaces -- you know, anywhere there's lots of folks doing something.

I had to really go searching for this one - didn't think that I had any, when I stumbled upon this little gem. It was taken a few years ago at a Radiohead concert in Sydney. I got pre order tickets - that ended up being at the back wall - literally... so much for pre-order !! So I took my digital camera along to see what I could get didn't think much would turn out but the lights make for a good contrast etc... Then they did a huge Blue explosion of colour and I managed to capture it and the crowd!

I am kinda excited about finding this because I am off to see the Cure on the 10th August, they are my all time favourite band... and this probably will be the last time they come out here... It will be on at the same venue as this concert but I tickets in Section 9 (My favourite section!!) Does having a favourite section at a music venue mean that you go to too many concerts... or just a more discerning music goer??

Story time

OK so I'm not usually into the sort of stories my other half reads, romance with a touch (ALOT) of horse stuff involved (no not that! just events and the like - dirty mind you have). They don't interest me - not because the stories are bad (although I think she gets her fair share of bad ones) just that I am more into Fantasy and Sci-Fi - So when Anjel Pony started a new blog just for her serialisation of her horse novel. I thought "well I will go along and support her." Not expecting to become involved with the story, not expecting it to grab me in any way - just to enjoy her creative efforts and offer support.

But I was wrong.

It's not so much that I like the idea of stories about horses and horsey things, it's that the characters in the story are real, which is something that I strive for in any of my writing. Anjel has captured her characters, flaws and all. It is easy to step into the minds of the characters and understand them in some way.

I know that this story comes from experience that Anjel has had, and I think it is a great way to write. Use your own life and experiences to tell a story. I think this is going to be something that I can come to and read - get an inside into her mind - and also to enjoy the characters and what ever will happen to them.

Go here to read the Prologue or here to her main page.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Good news

Yes I have good news at last from the news centre, the jerk-off judge who sued a dry cleaners has LOST his case and will have to pay court costs.

What with Paris out of Gaol it seems to be a great week... here for exclusive footage!

Well mostly! (cue drum roll)

India, that source of all things good and wholesome (at least food wise), has the new best way to beat poachers... sic your croc on them!

But Mr Banerjee says large crocodiles leaping out of the water to attack prey or capsize boats and canoes are proving to be a good weapon.
"Unlike guard dogs, crocodiles cannot be tamed and are ferocious and can attack anyone in the swamps," he said.

So beware would be poachers - I bought a croc and I'm not afraid to use it...

"Release the Crocs"

Day Off

I have a day off tomorrow and as such I plan to do something with it... Yes maybe even finish a computer game - I am looking at you Dazza!! - note worthy note here (hehehe I crack me up) Dazza helped me finish Halo when I got a little stuck, we went co-op and blasted our way to the end of that darn game! Woot! So I am guessing that between the two of us we could easily complete Halo 2 just in time for me to win lotto and buy Halo 3 with my Xbox 360 (that I do not have as yet!!)
Well it is either that or I shall go slightly mad!! I need a day of total oblivion and time wasting - aside from getting a load of washing done and cleaning up the kitchen, ok honey! Anyway Dazza might be busy - I asked him to tell me when he would be free either tomorrow or Thursday. So maybe I'll just be Blogging my day away tomorrow and on Thursday we will take over the world. One game at a time - I could finish Battlefront 2, I started to play that again the other day.. Hmmmm the choice is big
Have fun!

Saturday, 23 June 2007


Sorry I have been away of late... the play is drawing to a close and I find myself with less time to do anything at the moment. Alas I have been working more - the project I am doing is coming to a close so I am a little more busy at work and doing more days!!

On a brighter note my darling is celebrating her birthday today and I am Happy and proud of her. She is such a great actor (she is playing my sister in the current play we are in) and a wonderful teacher and horse rider... She makes me proud everyday.

I have still to complete the next part to the Yowie story - it is still day but with the play finishing and time getting a little more easier to find I will get on to it - I promise...

Well off to search the web for things to things to tell you all about!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Let downs...

Darn you weather! Well yesterday will forever be known as the storm the formerly never was!! It never happened, well the storm hit somewhere out at sea - between here and New Zealand. So for all that preparation (i.e. I did nothing) we had such a let down...

Oh well at least nothing was damaged or people hurt!

got lots to do at the moment but I will be looking for blogging topics over the day and hopefully get some time later to post something else.

All for now... bye

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sex Toys

Ok did that get your attention!

Now we can get down to the serious nature of this post. Yes I said serious!!! OK it seems that the Transportation Security Administration is out to get your Vibrator! Be ware - those nasty TRA people are out to spoil your private and orgasmic fun! Thankfully has some advice for all travellers to take heed of. here.

It make me fearful for people like Renee who is mentioned in the article as being humiliated by employees of Delta when her 'toy' turned on in her bag - alerting security staff to page her and then laugh and make up jokes at her (and her husbands) expense. These are the same people that are 'guarding' the USA against terrorist threats... Hmmm?

I suppose it is here that I make a few jokes about being able to take everything with you - even your best every sexual partner (you know the one, all the buttons work, it never leaves the seat up and best of all it only requires batteries)

Jokes aside this is an important issue of personal rights and proper behaviour of staff involved with being able to examine your personal space and things. Now I might not carry a Dildo with me or a vibrator, but maybe I choose to wear brief style underwear, or I have a incontinence issue and need pads or something else equally embarrassing and personal about myself. My bag requires opening at the airport - these people should be responsible enough to not turn into juvenile morons and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

The post has many recommendations on it regarding how to pack your valuable belongings so take the time and check it over - remember with anything like this use your commonsense and pack it the check-in luggage. Or buy new toys at your destination!

Oh and thanks to Constance for that link - although I am not sure why she thought that I might need that kind of information... ummm yes well


We are currently battering down the hatches and awaiting the storm... according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology we are expecting a large storm front to hit the coast line right where we live (well we are in land a fair way but still expect it). Forecast strong winds (maybe as high as Storm). New stations are prepared - to take your pictures and stories... SMH has a special hot line for mobile phone pictures, and the new look ABC site has some dire warnings.

With the storm last week in Newcastle hot in everyone mind we are all expecting something sever and dangerous. Hopefully, even if the storm is worse, we will not suffer the loss of life and injury that occur ed in the Newcastle area.

On to something else News related - the ABC site no longer has the 'Offbeat' section. this section used to post stories of a strange or weird nature. Funny things like those I have posted here. i am shocked and appalled at this removal. It was my most read section of all the news!!! Boo ABC Boo!!!

No no don't panic I found it - in the new 'My Tab' section... OK all is right with the world! fear not young man! yes I mean you...

To celebrate and make the Australian Customs officers feel better about there jobs after the above post, here is this little one about smuggling reptiles into Australia. Enjoy.

Monday Photo Shoot: You Look Terrible

John once again gives us things to do...

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show off a truly bad picture of yourself. One that's so bad it's not actually embarrassing, just, you know, inexplicably unrepresentative. If you would like, post a contrasting good picture, so people know what you really look like.

This picture was taken a few years ago when I shaved off my beard, part way through I thought it might be nice to see what it would look like if I had a Moe... Now you know why I do not have one (except as part of a beard or goatee)

I even had some kind of weird red/copper coloour in my hair... Strange days!

Tarot and John

First up a big and hearty thanks to Constance who has just posted a tarot reading of yours truly and other regular visitors to her site. Go here and have a look. My main concern with this reading - aside from the 'I'm not so sure I believe this' - is that I got the same two cards that I got last time she read me. Either there is something wrong with the way that the odds work or I really should listen to what she has to say!!!

On the other hand I have been blessed with the hand of John, it seems my post on the Weekend Assignment was well received. To the point where I am in the first position on his follow up post. Woot excitement and other fun expressions. First time posting and he liked it enough to link it. My day is complete, I don't have to work anymore because I am far to happy! Just be sure to pass that along to my boss - thanks.

I will also mention that the others on the list are worth a read although some of the tips are a little... well unnecessary for someone who does not live near bears... I am still interested in using Mountain Dew as a marinade...

We'll I suppose seeing that you all haven't called my boss yet I will have to go back to work. Bye

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Weekend Assignment #170

OK so John over at By The Way has a weekend assignment for us all...

Weekend Assignment #170: Share a useful tip for the kitchen. It can be about anything from cooking to cleaning, as long as it involves something in the kitchen (which, for the purposes of this assignment, includes the pantry and the table you eat at).

I Love to cook - no really I do, and I'll take any opportunity to get in the Kitchen and make something great. I love to invite people over for dinner and then cook them up something more then the standard meat n veg - I even go so far as to make courses of food and many dishes with different flavours and tastes. This way people can have different tastes and amounts to their liking.

So I guess what my tip is for the kitchen is to be open and create something. Don't just have one flavour or style of meal, mix and match. If you are having Indian have different dishes like Korma, Vindaloo and Tandoori and rice, naan bread, etc even mix up a nice mint/yoghurt side dish or a tomato and onion Salas or mango chutney. Pretend that you are a restaurant and that you are doing a banquet style meal. (all of these are easy by the way, packet or bottled sauces, go to the supermarket and just use the prepared sauces you just add meat n veg).

And try something new, get a recipe and just do it, just for kicks or for the fun. The more I learn from other people the better my cooking becomes. Because I take their ideas, mix them up and create new and exciting things to eat.

Oh and for the added bonus

Extra credit: You're ten and allowed to cook a meal. What do you cook?

I was in Cub Scouts and one of the badges we had to do was cooking. I cooked the family meal complete with dessert one night to earn me that badge - I must have been around 10 (if not younger). So what did I cook?

Starters was toasted cheese fingers, grilled to perfection!

Main course was a fairly basic Meat and three veg; sausages, with carrots, pea and mashed potato

For dessert I got a large serving of ice cream and poured chocolate sauce all over it! YUM!!!

Picture from here.

Falling Down

No not a reference to the Michael Douglas movie of the same name...

I refer instead to the new video game from the makers of The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion - Fall Out 3. There is a lot of talk out there in the interweb about this game, CAD, Game spot, IGN, Wikipedia (for the masses). I never actually completed the first two fall outs - I guess I just didn't have the time - because these are huge games and very interactive. Basically what I like in a game but still I am a little hesitant to get too involved with things like this.

I do a lot of different things, Music, Theatre, Work, Love, Family, Friends, TV... the list goes on I guess I take on a lot of different things because in one way I get too bored of one thing all the time and the other reason I seem to not be able to focus on one thing for too long... These games really do take a lot of effort and a lot of time - time I do not have much of, and effort well I have to spread that out a bit.

Take WoW for instance, I see my friends playing it a lot but I cannot allow myself to do that because if I did I would have to stop something else or sleep less to make up for it. There are times that I wish I could click it off and just be able to focus on one thing.

So where is this post leading to? I am not sure that I will buy Fall Out 3 - I know friends who will and who loved the first two so much they have played them multiple times, using different techniques - but there is so much more to do then just one game. Take my games that I am part way through at the moment, The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Knights of the Old Republic, Quake 4, NeverWinter Nights 2, Doom 3... I think the list goes on. Maybe this is just an indication of me not finishing any games... Maybe that is why WoW is so appealing I can't finish it... :)

Well either way I guess I am not really alone in this, I mean how many people finish every game they have bought... Mind you how many never finish any... I need to go home a finish a game, just one to prove that I can do it... Hmmm now which do I choose....

Saturday, 16 June 2007


OK then I am quite proud of myself - I got a Youtube video enbedded in a post! OK so that was a small step but I am happy that I managed that... It means I can do some cool things and add more funness to my blog!

Nothing much else to say other then the Play Anjel and I are in has past that half way mark and we only have 4 performances left. It is totally sold out (before we opened - which is cool) and we are really getting some good responses, they laugh when they are suppose to and such!

The play is "It's My Party... And I'll Die If I Want To" by Elizabeth Coleman - a great Australian Playwright (although crap info about her on the web). It is so much fun and we all had a ball during rehearsals so it is good to also hear and see the audience having a great time with it as well. The play open with Ron Paterson (father of three and husband of one) telling the Audience that he has 111 minutes left to live... So he's invited the kids around for sausage rolls and Salads (a kind of biscuit) - from there all the neurosis and problems of the family come out in a great Black Comedy.

So to get back on track I kind of feel a little sad that we have reached this part of the Plays Run and also a little relieved to because it is hard work doing a play - while working and all the other things that life has for us to do. I still wouldn't change what I do though - I love the rush the feeling of walking out on stage into the lights and performing for all those people. It is a different performance every night and that is what makes it so exciting and great and challenging all at the same time.

Kinda miss it when it is gone...

UNKLE - Burn My Shadow (Official Video)

Ok here is the Unkle track I spoke about before...

Here is the link to purchase songs from the new UNKLE CD... I like the film clip to this song kinda a bit out there and has a good bang at the end!

More Music

OK I have been very musically focus this last week or so and if you are not into that... well sorry this is my Blog and I write what I want...

Ian Astbury (from The Cult) is doing some vocals on the new UNKLE album due for release later this year. The first single from that forth coming CD - War Stories - is "Burn My Shadow". I think this is the best song I have heard this year (aside of course from the new stuff from Stover - but as they are only performing them live atm I guess this will have to do as far as recorded songs go!) There is something about Ian voice that brings back memories of the 80's and good Goth Rock bands. His sound is so unique and fits in well with the UNKLE track. I have seen from the track listings that Ian sings on another song on the album so it might be worth getting the album and taking a chance on the rest of the tracks.

I recently bought the new Air album Pocket Symphony just because it had a few tracks with Jarvis Cocker (formerly with Pulp, now solo) and that album has some great non Jarvis songs on it. Of course I did like Air before I bought the album it was just the addition of Jarvis that tip me over.

So if the past is anything to go by I should grab this new UNKLE album just because it has Ian on at least a few tracks. I'll let you know if I do get it...

Friday, 15 June 2007

Blame Jeff

I found this... it is all Jeff's fault...

Wanken die Winkey

I'll never be the same... Go watch it and enjoy!!!

Crazy site it all comes from is right here - for you madness pleasure...

I have to stop linking to Jeff... Ok no more Jeff links tonight!!

Good night!!


OK thank you Jeff for getting the info I guess you checked out The Cure's site which I checked at work today but alas had no time to post from. Lots to do and I couldn't hide in my office and Blog like I wanted too... Not that I do that... Oh no!!

So yeah I am excited and I have a posse of friends that we are going with. Just need to get all arrange how many of us are actually going and if we can spend the night in the City - which I would prefer to do as we might as well make a night out of it.


I have bought the new Cure DVD which I will have to watch - Hmmm maybe Sunday night as there will be no play then...

OK then all for now I might blog later tomorrow!!

Thanks again Jeff!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Coming soon...

OH MY GOD!!! Yes I heard it today and it is all true - My favourite band of all time is touring Australia again in August!

THE CURE are coming!!!

Woot WaYoo and assorted exclamations of joy!!!

Tell you more when I get the info.. but YAY!!! Happiness all round.
Image from xkcd funny bloke although a little bit mathy for me!

Water Spout

Well here is a small tornado off the coast of Sydney (about 200km north of where I live) Cool hey!

Check it out here!

Darn Missed it!

Ok so I am now a little late for this but check them out anyway!

I would have liked to have written something but I think the momment has gone... Fly free sweet Zombie thoughts fly free.

Check them out and especially the SF Signal interviews with Sci Fi Zombified authors John Scalzi and John C Wright. Funny!

Well that has made my day a goodish one.. what with the rain and cold and those darn monkeys.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

News Links and comments

19th century harpoon found in whale YES you read that right they found a 100 year old harpoon in a whale caught this year. There is still so much that we do not know about these creatures and yet still we needlessly kill them and make them suffer. OK I may be a hypocrite in that I still eat meat (quite enjoy it actually) but I do not like the senseless killing and blatant disregard of the general thoughts and feelings that people like the Japanese have. Admittedly that this whale was killed by the Alaska's Inupiat people, in some kind of traditional manner which I won't discuss here and now.
So we find out that this whale may be as old as 130 years and we still are happy as a World (not nations or even regions) to let countries go out and slaughter these animals for nothing more then desire to eat there flesh. We have enough food and I know we 1st world nations eat far to much of our share and yes we could reduce the amount of meat we eat. But still these are creatures who are intelligent and may very well be able to communicate and think amongst themselves - we just don't know.

Still in the Asian region; Chinese surname shortage sparks rethink. I had no idea that there where only 100 surnames in Chinese. I mean I had the normal white European theory that they all looked alike (joke) but I didn't know they all had a 1 in 100 chance of having the same last name. I suppose that would make things easier. Phone books could be divided into 100 easy sections, most adults would know how to spell every last name (no more 'can you spell that please' - my partner and me get that a lot, she more then me (2V's 2 C's - I'll say no more!)).
As an aside to this article I kind of like the idea that parents can choose which surname there children take, mother or father, instead of the traditional European where the Fathers is chosen.

Judge sues for $64m over lost pants in an example of the over litigiousness in the USA. How can a justice system stay functional when those that are judging crime are responsible for such silliness. I think that this Judge should be made to pay for all the wasted court time and ordered to stand out side the shop apologising to each and every customer for at least the rest of the year. That is after he is thrown out of his job! I on one hand know when I am out done, look here and see what real anger can make you post! Not that I agree with all this guys comments I might be convinced to send a turd in the mail to the Judge just for kicks! This place has some good comments at the bottom of the post. OK enough of stupid Judges on to bigger and better things.

Australia needs fibre to the home and no I have not suddenly begun to think about your daily fibre intake - although I suppose you should eat more fibre, it makes me regular! I mean the sort of fibre that makes the Internet come alive and really be faster then dial-up! Fibre to the Home or to the Node (FTTH, FTTN) Apparently we have to choose very soon.
Why should I want FTTH well this paragraph just about sums it up

We should choose FTTH. The FTTN model requires Telstra's copper to join homes to the node. Aside from technical limitations, this would give Telstra an effective monopoly. Prices would remind remain high and innovative uses would be stifled.

For too long have we struggled under the weight of this enlarged doona, tell us what we want and for too long has the Federal Government stood aside and let this happen. I remember I wrote to Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, about my fears and thoughts on the availability of fast Internet in Australia - I got a form letter back in reply saying that the government was doing all it could... well Senator here is something you can do - support FTTH and remove the virtual monopoly that Telstra has! If you wish to add your support to FTTH or other thoughts on the Internet and communication send an email to and have your say.

OK that ends my Rant for this week - or at least today.

I hope you have happiness thrust upon you all! Good night.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


OK here is a great link and a picture to boot. Got the image from here. So go and laugh a while!
And yes I always liked the Cleric in DnD - mainly Dwarf, like a Defender/Cleric- hehehe so cool!
I wanna play DnD again... hey guys lets get a group together just for us to play - now who's going to be the DM??

Long time between Drinks

This is more of a muse then my posts have been of late. I seem to been seeing a lot of things lately that have effected me in some way. My friends are having issues with finance and others are breaking up slowly (or getting back together I'm not sure which). I have been having dreams about people and a life I thought I had finally gotten over, and I keep seeing things that remind me of that life.
I suppose I just need to confront it head on and get the pain out of me again, but I seem to have no time to do that I am busy at work and I don't want to ruin the happiness I feel at home. I am tired and a little lost atm. I haven't been creative in over 2 weeks and it is killing me - but at the same time I just want to sit and let someone else be creative for me.
I need to deal with the issues I have in order to make sense of my life and get back into a place where I can be me again and have fun and be fun for those around me.
Round and round and round and round and round we go, where we're going, no one knows!
Tonight I am just being me for a bit and working on things that i feel are issues and problems with me - and I am going to try to talk to my gf and actually get her involved instead of keeping it all inside - hence this post because if I don't you can hassle me until I do... or delete this.
good night.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Must haves and Will do's

OK Now you all know that I am totally against putting links in my posts... (What? I can try to fool you all) but you HAVE to check out this post from John Scalzi and also send him money and MAKE him go if only for the post he WILL write about it.
For those who need to know before you go.
Certain right wing christian groups have opened up a Creation Museum down the road from John. The Museum (and I use that term with some reservations) is a "walk through history." Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, this state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life." Which says that evolution is incorrect and that such things like Dinosaur us actually existed along side Humans. Now I do not care what people believe in or what they think about Gods and Religions. I am though totally against religion taking the place of science in our society and people and organisations like the Creation Museum which promote Religion as a science and not a belief system.
So support Scalzi and stop this before it is too late, and we have creation taught as science in schools in Australia (or more places in USA, UK etc)

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Remember This

A long time ago in a Galaxy not too dissimilar to this one. (OK about 3 months ago) a young man (yes compared to some at any rate) wrote a paragraph. He sent that paragraph along to another, who sent it on to another who sent it on to ____. Where it has laid ever since. It was suppose to come back to the young man (I am stretching this you know) where it would start the journey all over again. If we had got this under way we could have become famous writers. instead I get to use the story as a segue (what a stupid way to spell something that sounds so much different - I blame the french!) into an article on
At least it was all good for something.
Interesting idea though - I guess it was very well edited... umm just thought I should read the article before I comment in case I make up something terrible and cause you all to implode or worse - believe me.... brb
OK so the article is interesting and a good little interview with a budding author and his co-writer/partner. Favourite quote from all of that was:
Keep working, keep improving your work, write for the love of it, be realistic in your ambitions, get involved in your community. I believe in writing, as with life, you get back what you give out. Passion, commitment, perseverance will be your allies.
Something I believe in whole hearted - if I try to think that anything I write may one day be turned into money earning work I get crammed up and stop. Just remembering that I do it for fun and to entertain my friends makes it MORE worthwhile then not.

Gaming Related Injury

More horror from the stupid and lame.

A US Doctor, yes I wrote Doctor, has become the latest idiot in a serious of idiocy since the creation of youtube. He claims to have created a new injury namely 'Wiiitis', because he hurt his shoulder play Wii Tennis for too long. I am sorry who the hell at the New England Journal of Medicine let this moron publish a letter on gaming related injury - and allowed him to state the term Wiiitis?? Hello WTF!! A JOURNAL allowed this through - oh please tell me this is one of those 'joke' letters that the editor makes a little comment on at the end - tongue in cheek kind of thing. I think enough stupid unskilled Gamers have done silly things when they should know better - to not have to make them more popular and create more attention to them by printing letters of there stupidity. OK Rant over!

On the other side I really like my Wii and I like the way I can play games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance with my friends and Anjel - and that she doesn't feel like she is being left behind because it IS a fun gaming system that is not too hard to master. I love the little mini games that come with the system, Zelda a little more of a challenge, and all the Virtual Console stuff really sells me. I can play Sonic the Hedgehog till morning and save it turn off the system and start again 3 weeks later where I left off... Brilliant!

Basically the system is easy to use, fun and most of all for me it is equally good as a single player system as it is for multi-player gaming.

I highly recommend it for anyone!


Ok here goes from some shameless self promotion.
My Band - Stover - have a new website kindly created by our Bassist Dirk. I have the link over at the side if you wish to come see us anytime. We have all our lyrics on the site (you have to move the mouse over the image of the CD cover to click on the song) you can also listen to the songs on the lyrics page if you wish. I think Dirk has done a wonderful job on the site and it all looks and feels really good.
We also have links to various other stover-ish pages as well as places to by/listen to our music. For the citizens of the USA please goto CDBaby and you can either buy our CD from them or purchase MP3's through there site.
Ok there we go - I didn't even force anyone to buy anything! But if you want to that'll be great!
Stover is a lot of fun to play with and be a part of, we are looking to get a few more songs out there at the moment and I will (you can be sure) let you know!
Oh I am also involved with a side project Bennie James Effect (ok I added the effect but the Bennie James bit is real!). Check him out!

Friday, 8 June 2007

New Links

As you can see on the Right I have added a few new Links - check them out I like the people or the information that is in there and you may be surprised and find something that you like too.


The Love Cats

Why that title - well The Cure are playing on the radio at the moment. What a great song, klinky keyboard and the odd little Rawwwl every now and then. This song was from the Japanese Whispers album when a large percentage of the band left (or where pushed out) leaving mainly Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst to keep it all going. A strange little album, it was VERY pop from the kings of Moprock - most famous for the brilliance and depression of albums like "Pornography" and "Faith" (some of my Fav all time albums - I even have "Faith" on vinyl).
Lovecats was also around the time that Robert joined "Siouxsie and the Banshees" and also joined up with Steven Sevenrin from Banshees to form "The Glove" and they released the album "Blue Sunshine".

Once again what turned out to start off as a chat about a song I heard on the radio I turned on - explanation mode - and tell you all about one of (OK THE) my favourite bands. Very pleased to know that I got it all right from my memory, checked all my facts as I link to the Wiki pages for your convince (smiley grin right now!)

Topic for my readers...

So what is your favourite Music and what makes it so good. I think that we should make some ground rules for this. I want One (1) response and a good explanation - link to your blog in the comments section or leave answer as a comment. Your response can be a song, a band, a style/genre of music the choice is yours BUT it can only be one - I know you have many - I do - but I only want to hear from one.


So why do I like The Cure, what makes them great - to me.
Firstly the music is simple and yet still has complexity to it. I like the Vocals - they are not great, not earth shattering - I can sing along !! The lyrics tell me a story, sometimes I can relate to the topic other times not but still the story makes me feel like I am part of the song. The Cure has evolved for many years from the late 70's punk/rock, to the goth, pop, styles until now they are a style and genre into themselves. I used the term above Moprock which I think is what The Cure sound is to me. No it is not in Wikipedia but maybe it should be. I dunno. Alternative Rock, Goth Rock, even Brit Pop can all describe The Cure at various points in there career.
I love the sounds that the musicians have made, from Robert early days with is 10 pound guitar and Tolhurst simple easy drum beats, to the heyday of Disintegration - raw Porl Thompson guitar, keys/sythn sounds and The WONDERFUL Boris Williams on drums (GOD). Clearly this is MY standout album and the DVD The Cure - Trilogy which is a live recording of the three similar themed albums, Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers is such an awe inspiring concert - wish I was there!
I first 'found' The Cure through my friend Zles as a teenager and many of the songs bring me back to that place in my early-mid teens, when everything else was too much to handle this music gave me life and a place.
From Pop to Rock there is always a song that can take me to that moment in The Cures arsenal.
So to sum it all up The Cure means many things to me, teenage life, making music, inspiration as well as a meaningful and realistic sense of place via the music that I listen to. I know that for what ever mood I am in I can listen to a Cure song which highlights and impacts that mood more. The songs and music make me feel whole and alive - and sometimes makes me feel better because I know it is there.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Thoughts on a Thursday

Well if you want to our little puppy (Cookie) doing the cutest things drop on over to Anjel's Couch and have a look see.

I have been working on a project for the last month or so (at work) and it is now drawing to a close. So i have to think about what I am going to do after this finishes. At the moment I have 3 permanent days and 2 other because of this project - when this finishes I go back to just three days. My partner has just gotten full time work at her job going from 2 per week to 5 so money wise well be OK I just need to be able to earn to help us out and that makes me worried. I know that I am still OK the money I earn for my three days is actually MORE then what I used to get for 5 day in my previous job I just want to keep heading upwards and earn more. I think we need to start thinking about buying a house and such like things and we want to travel next year. So things like money are needed to do those things. Oh well just a little depressed at the moment, I suppose I should concentrate on getting the project done really well and impress everyone so that I get offered something more though that. Positive thinking!

I am working on the next installment of the 'Yowie Hunt' don't despair! if you haven't caught it yet go check it out here.

Constance and her beau came over last night for dinner and chats and we got on to the subject of "On the Road" and how neither of us could really get into it (the Wiki entry actually makes in more interested in the story then the book does). Constance recommended another beat writer Allen Ginsberg and gave me a link to his poem Howl part 1&2. I have skimmed the poem and do quiet like the style and the beat of it. I will endeavour to print it off or get a hard copy of it and really read it - on line stuff gives me an impression but I can never really get 'into' a piece by the glow of a screen - call me old fashioned but there you go.

Well I am off to get a hair cut and some lunch.

Have fun y'all... hehehe

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Cute Factor

Thanks to By The Way - found this page on flickr - the cuteness factor alone should keep you for an hour or two!

Maybe There is Hope

Polish man awakes to find Communism gone! In shocking news straight from the presses at the ABC a Polish man who after an accident was left in a coma has awaken to find that Communism is gone from his homeland.

The report does not say that he longs for a return of meat rationing and vinegar tea, so I assume that he is happy with the current situation in Poland. I wish him all the best and hope that he awakes tomorrow morning being able to walk again.

I can see it now, hundreds of thousand of people all over the world are lining up to get put into comas just to avoid admitting that their current leaders are total smack-heads. I know I have asked my Doctor to put me under but alas he cannot do so due to ethics and the like. I might look into travelling overseas like so many cosmetic surgery patients have - but I am not sure I need new breasts just yet.

Looks like I will have to wait until the next election and hope. Or move to New Zealand.

In other news Spain looks like the place to be for 2008! With Elvis on the Council and a new Nudist Pool opening in the Town Square Reus might just be THE place to BE.

Alas I am sorry to disappoint all the budding young reality show-files out there. But the Danish Reality show based around competitors battling it out for a chance to have a kidney was a hoax! How could TV have come so low as to LIE to us - the viewing public. I was hoping to be able to watch the losers die a slow and lingering death as the winner proudly showed off his new kidney. How could they do this?

That is all.


It seems that my love and wonderful person Anjel is making up some lists. Well at least I know what to get her for an engagement ring - I think we have some in the cupboard already!

Which neatly and almost as seamlessly brings me to a place where I can comment on the number 10.

Ok we have 10 finger, 10 toes (at least 'normally' we as humans do) our numerical system has increments of 10. 10 is a good number, it is useful and it doesn't look too bad to boot. So why do we have 60 second to a minute, 60 minutes to an hour and 24 hours to a day. Not to mention the silliness that is 365.25 days to a year. It is just plain stupid. Tad Williams, in his Shadowmarch World has created what I have always thought to be the best Calendar system. 10 days to a week, 3 weeks to a month and 12 months to a year, just to be nice and even the remaining 5.25 days are in the void of 'no month' and are outside of the year. Orphan Day I believe he calls it - kinda like New Years.

He doesn't go into detail - at least in the first book - about hours and such but let us instead here and now make up some hours for Tad's day. Again we will sit in with the 10 theme. I can see us simply having 100 seconds to a minute, 100 minutes to an hour and (well here is the hard part) either 10 hours to a day or two lots of 10 hours (20) to form night and day. I prefer the plainer 10 hours which means that the modern 'noon' would be hour 5 and midnight hour 10/0.

Do you think it will take off? I doubt it as business and the like are probalby adverse to changing. I do think it would make everything better in the world. End poverty and world hunger - maybe even the war in Iraq... Well it might, they'll all be too busy trying to workout what time dinner is to fight!

Ending this madness now...


Reality is waking up each day finding you have to go out of your nice warm bed and do the meanial tasks of your job - so that someone else can take the credit and get more pay then you because their badge has a longer title then yours.

That is all...

and so we go...

I just read a short story at Subterranean Press a really good story - one that John Scalzi even recommends in his usual off the cuff way. There is something to be said about being able to read a story for just a little while. Take 10 minutes out of your life and enter the world of another, knowing that it'll only be that 10 minutes. This story, although not a happy one, still brought me into the lives of these people - the last man, and the last child. Very human, very real and still they belonged to a world that we are apart from (thankfully). I really enjoyed this story - not all that Subterranean Press puts out are stories I like - that has nothing to do with the quality of the work just my tastes - but this one struck a chord and made me want to be more creative. Maybe write something that has this much power.

I am reading both of my new purchases at the moment - I couldn't decide between Joe Hill and John Scalzi, and I am really enjoying both of them very much - to the point where I could have sat up all last night reading and then this morning at the breakfast bench I was still entranced in the worlds I hardly got to work on time. I might review the books when I finish them - or link to a review that I agree with - it just depends on how I feel about what I can write about them. I am not a reviewer and I lack the experience and skills to write a good review about something that I really respect, maybe my opinion wouldn't give the piece(s) the justice it deserves.

In saying that I read "American Gods" last month and that is a brilliant story - buy it! The funny thing about that is that I read "Anansi Boys" first - call me what you will but that is how I bought them... don't ask I was desperate to read something good is all I will say. So because I knew a little more about the Gods and there ways AG perhaps didn't hit me with the same power that it might have had I read it first. That is not to say that I didn't enjoy the story I loved it, it dragged me into the world so easily and it was another book that I couldn't put down and one that was almost sad when it finished. I first read Neil Gaiman when he teamed up with Terry Pratchett (one {if not the} of my favourite authors) to do "Good Omens", which really changed the way I looked at fantasy and the books that I chose to read. I suppose I grew up (in my teens) reading such fantasy-pulp as the TSR Dungeons & Dragons novels, I did read things like "The Hobbit" and a lot of Rosemary Sutcliff (Arthur and Merlin and such), but it was the pulp fantasy that I really got my teeth into. It was much later in life that started to read the better written works, from the ink of Raymond E. Feist, Tolkien (LOTR), and Douglas Adams to name but a few. I really enjoyed the way that a good author can brings his or her world into my head and let me live there for a day or an hour, or 10 minutes.

So after all that - that is really my point. I love a good read because I can slip off into another world and for a time at least let all my worries and fears subside and BE.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Yowie? Or not!

You can all blame Constance for this one... It was her news post that got me all caught up in the search for the elusive. Then I read in the local rag (The South Coast Register) that there has been a sighting of a Yowie in Batemans Bay (approx 2 hour drive south of where I live). Here is the story of that (this) fateful day...

The article was full of key words like "mysterious", "allegedly", "hallmarks", "legendary", and "cryptozoology experts" and that was just the first paragraph! I flip back to the cover of the newspaper, just to check if I was reading "enquirer", but no this was still The South Coast Register - a knowledgeable and highly regarded journal. I also noted with interest that there wasn't a picture of this "two-legged non-human creature" (just a digitally created image the newspaper used in it's online edition -ed) that an unnamed eye witness saw in her head lights, how can they run with such an important story without (dare I say it) a burred image of a humanoid shape.

It was at that moment that I decided to amend this travesty of news-media, nay of the very justice of all things sacred and holy - or at least sensational and media related. I and my trusty companions will get that picture! (insert fan fare of trumpets). (cross fade to telephone, back packs, pack mules, a banana and finally the team fully assembled)

They stood before me, three rough and tough fellow explorers and righters of media wrongs. The elite team of "Today Current Report-ers" (dada da dada da dada da deeee). Angel, the flaming hair beauty whose main skills are animal control, horse-womanship, cleaning, blades and devotion to yours truly. Delta of short brown hair and fiery spirit, she is a Martial artist with knowledge of the occult, bad books and the supernatural. Rev. Bob, big, bad, bald and on God's Mission, he is the muscle of the group, able to lift tall buildings out of the way, his computing skills are second to none and have proved useful in tight situations - he also is Delta's partner. Finally myself, a professional actor, photographer, script writer, musician and amateur sleuth. I aimed to get that shot of the Batemans Bay Yowie - or my name wasn't Dr D!

Filling in the team on the situation I set them to work gathering all the current and relevant information on Yowie sightings in the area. I wanted to know all I could before putting my team in harms way. I had heard reports of the beast having "prodigious strength" and knew that such a being would be dangerous if cornered or threatened.

Our first call of ports was the Internet. I set out with a Google search and sent Delta off to track down any rare texts on the subject. Angel dived into her vast knowledge of animals and set to finding all she could on the possibility of such a creature existing. Rev. Bob gathered all our supplies together, loading up the Landie with all we would need on this harrowing journey into the unknown, known as Batemans Bay.

Below is a summary of the information I have found, I post this here in the advent that should we not return the world will know of our journey and perhaps someone else shall find a clue we might have missed:

Yowie Hunters :-

Sighting and 2 pictures, young man sees the Yowie from a distance, says it moved too quickly to get an accurate picture of it although he has two shots of the ape like creature.

A second sighing this time describing a larger creature possible 7 feet tall, although it was crouched when it passed their car. Note strange lingering smell, could be a clue - note ask Angel about using tracking dogs.

The most reputable sighing I have found so far, the man known to have the most knowledge of the creature 'Tim the Yowie man'. A quote of his catches my eye and makes me more nervous about our trip into the unknown. "He tells me and my loyal photographer, Marc, known as Gidds: “Your British celebrities are right to be scared. The Yowie has been known to throw stones and even trees at people before."

A more descriptive find is from the archives of our library vault, secured 16 storeys down in our hidden base of operations (I have linked our archival evidence to the group known as the Yowie Hunters so all free spirited men can share our knowledge). Quotes that had been kept secret for years by the authorities, released by Peter Turbet in 2001, it is the only real first hand knowledge from the local Aboriginal tribes. They called him Puttikan and describe him as "shaped like a tall man and had a hairy body with a large mane. His feet were reversed so that he could not be tracked and his skin was so tough that no spear could pierce it."

This posed more questions to our safety, tracking would be more dependant on the animals under Angel's control, our weapons may prove useless if it attacks and we already know it's strength is sometime to be feared. Yet we must continue this journey and get that photo, not just for ourselves but for all media kind.

With no less then 7 sighting reported to the Yowie Hunter for the Batemans Bay area I knew we had chosen the right place to being our search for the Yowie. In all these reports I can see similarities, Ape like man, 7-8 feet tall, large footprints (bigger then a mans), and the most startling fact - it retreats away from people, so it may not be as aggressive as I first feared. There was one fact that grabbed my attention the most - the sighting in 1996 where the creature seemed - to the gentleman who spotted it - know of the dangers of the road, and waited until his car had moved past itself before attempting to cross. This proves that the creature has some intelligence maybe more then we realise.

I know sit egally awaiting the rest of my team's reports and prepare for our journey.

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