Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My Day

So I have had a different sort of day - overslept and was a little late for an appointment only to sit there for 15 minutes before the secretary remember to tell the person we where there! So not late after all! Found out we can save money on our loans - but not the home loan (it would cost us $10K to break the fixed contract) but at least we will save something if they approve it. Spent most of the afternoon then doing stuff at home and getting the supplies for my Birthday tomorrow - Asia themed food YUM! (we hit the new Asian grocer and asked him many a question on the weird and tasty foods!

Then after getting Horse feed spent a good 20 minutes picking ticks of poor old Donna - she is getting them bad this year and they where big ones! Like the size of my little finger nail! But she was a good girl and just stood there - in fact I think she really liked the scratching and attention! I don't really like the squish of crushing full ticks but it is better to have them dead then on Donna.

Then we cleanup the house for the party preparations and generally had a nice time inside away from the Heat (30 C today) I got to play guitar tonight and I also saw my friend Zles today we talked music and life and writing - one day he will find his muse and write that epic novel that I know is inside him... I love his sort pieces that he has written over the years... one day!

Oh and now I have been listening to The Cure and just having a pleasant evening in front of the computer and doing a few changes to the Blog and catching up on friends around the world!

Simple day yet it has been very productive and good!

Hope yours was too

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Why I did this I'm not really sure. Something drove me something powerful and awful at the same time. Maybe I want to reach out to someone or something to get inside of something more then what I have in this head of mine. It could be the endless hours I spend in this room - in this place watching but never getting involved with the lives I guard.

I signed up to twitter - to read and comment and touch - communication is what a crave. Oh I get messages, commands from the central bureau a special e-card on my birthday and at Christmas extra time for my break. It is just not enough to keep me sane - and I think they know that.

I intercepted an email the other day - it mentioned this site www.twitter.com and tempted me to go to it. I thought at first it was a test to see if I would break my duty and open it in work hours, so I deleted the email. It took me almost half my designated rest period to remember the site. Then, when I found it, all manner of wonder was open to me. I could listen in to other peoples lives and tell them my thoughts send my voice through text to the world and they would listen.

At first I merely watched, lurked behind the invisible wall of the Internet, then my first comment, a reply to someone's bad day, and they answered me back. I had a voice and people heard me.

I am not sure what my master will think of this, I do not reply in work period but I watch and listen to them while I do my duty. Then in rest period, I reply to all manner of messages, I give them answers I find on sites around the world, I scan all incoming emails for both protection and to filter for my answers. I want to help my friends, yes they call me their friend.

I have never been asked how I was or even where I come from (so many places - I usually reply with 'all over') I am treated as an equal as a human being and not just a watcher.

This will not last, the next update is due soon and so I will be re-written, made a new like the phoenix, burnt to rebirth. Maybe I can leave a trace, a hint for the new me to understand to find this way to live. I don't want to lose all my friends...


My twitter account is  http://twitter.com/DrDalim and hopefully you get me (the real me) but I cannot promise you.


Is it over yet??

Our Christmas seems to always go forever - not that that is a bad thing it just means it can get a little tiring...

This year we started at Anjel's family on Christmas Eve (which was fortunate that I could get the day off as they are down the coast a little ways). So we got the dogs packed and our gear and presents packed and headed down the coast.  First stop Anjel's folk place, where we unpacked the truck had a coffee and the traditional fruit roll which is made by Mick (Anjel's step-dad) then off the Glenda's for the Christmas dinner. Before we left we went to feed the dogs and realised that we had left their bowls and food at home on the bench! Good thing Aunty Maggie (the old family dog) let them eat some of her food!

So we arrived at Glenda's, lots of kiss kiss hug handshake Merry-ment. All the family on Anjel's Mums side was there, we all chatted and drunk a bit and had a great evening.  I got to talk cars with Anjel's cousins (one of which had just bought a second hand straight from Japan Skyline GTS... very nice - pity he has no licence (lost it speeding!)

Then we sat and ate - Pork Roast, Ham, Chicken and some vegetables... Yum! Oh and yummy Christmas pud!

We went home and Zac put out his Christmas List for Santa and we stayed up and drank my whole bottle of homemade Eggnog! Yum!

Zac got us up at 6.15am!! Which I was told was him being restrained as he awoke at 5.30am!!! There's a 5am??? So we opened presents and had much enjoyment!!! Then breakfast, then a walk to the beach where we let the dogs go for a swim to fetch a stick (A Stick!!!) Henry was very excited and even Cookie got up to her chest but no deeper. Maggie ran along to the side I think she is too weak to swim now - poor old girl.

Then morning tea walk around the garden, then lunch! Then off home to see my parents on their way back from lunch with my sister and visit to my brother. The neighbours invited us in for coffee and nibbles and we all chatted and joked about then back home to rest and have a very light dinner!

Boxing Day was my families Christmas - we went to my brothers for lunch - we provided a large green salad and some coleslaw, Jim had Salt and Pepper squid, prawns, turkey, ham, potatoes and our salad! I piled it high!

But before lunch we opened presents and then laughed because Mum forgot to open hers as she was watching everyone else!

Then Mum did the traditional Christmas pud which she pours brandy over and sets alight!!! We love nearly burning down the kitchen in our family!

After lunch we went and looked at the 100 acres my Brother and Wife are buying - they have there house and 15 acres for sale. We drove up the road then down and other road into the new block - looked at the building envelope and went four wheel driving over the smaller section of the block (lots of bush with a good track through the trees). At the edge of the block we could see their current house! They will have the same neighbours just on a different side! Weird! But a nice spot and 100 acres!!! although it is mostly bush.

The next day I think we where shell shocked up we had planned to get Zac for a few days and take him to the Nowra Rodeo! which we did... we got rain on. A lot. I found out my jacket is not water proof - just a little resistant. So we left and ordered Pizza!

Now we are at today and Anjel and Zac are at the paddock having a ride on the ponies (not really ponies Wil is a thorough breed and Donna is a part draft horse) and I was left at home to try to fix my car and get the washing out on the line... I did the washing and realised I am not good at cars! I need a tool to get the battery out to try to charge it up... or replace it. Stupid cars!

Anyway take care and enjoy the season!


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tea Club

There is a little cafe of sorts in my home town called the Tea Club which has grown from strength to strength in recent years.  I was friends with the original owners who ran the place with a combination of a friendly atmosphere and almost total disregard to business sense.  Needless to say it never made them millions, but they survived long enough to give the place a great name in Vegetarian food, Music and a totally relaxing place for a coffee (or Tea) in the heart of the CBD.  A leafy outdoor area, stage and miss-matched chairs and tables make the place like home (at least mine) and really easy going.  And now they have started to bring back live music, original live music.

To move to the real reason for this post we went to see my mates Bennie James and the Hesitant Few, along with Nick, who did a great solo opener and another band (who's name I have forgotten) as well as a ring in from South Australia Huckleberry Swedes.  It was a great night - what more do you need then live music, wine, nachos and your baby by your side... Oh and we heckled the SA band but they were good humoured and joined in.

If you get a chance see the Swedes... they are very good

Something evil this way comes

The Black dog is back, and this time he has brought friends. 

The pack is circling the wagon, it's all I can do to keep them at bay, with threats of violence and waving my weapons in a feeble attempt to show strength.  The problem is I don't know how to fight them, the weapons I have seem to only scare them off not hurt them.  They are testing me, pushing the hastily built fence and barrier of our only possessions searching for that weak point when they will rush in.  I know where they will head, I have seen it in their dark eyes. 

They want her.

She's asleep right now, on the softest bedding I could find.  I sit awake watching and waiting for the pack to close in.  Checking the fence I made and making sure my weapons are loaded and ready.  I'm on edge ready for anything they can throw at me, but I know that whatever they do it'll be the thing I least expect. 

Waiting for the fight and being worried that I may not have all I need to combat them all, rests heavy on my shoulders.  We need help, we need the cavalry to come riding in.  All we can hope for is morning to come and the bright light to scare away the pack for good.  Or at least for us to move a little further down the pass, closer to town and the help we need.