Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cycle one down and hair loss

So that's it. The first cycle of three weeks is over, and only another two to go!

I have mixed feelings about the end of the first third. On hand I am down three weeks and heading toward the finish line, next week is a full week (due to public holiday on Monday I only have four days with a slight increase in dose...) and after that I only will have one more full week to go. On the other hand I know it will start to get worse and my bounce back will take longer if at all between the sessions.

After Thursday I was quiet ill, I went to bed with a bucket as I wasn't sure I would not be sick. That was the worst I have felt the whole time. I don't want to feel that way again but I know I will. Knowing you are going to be sick and still going in for treatment is hard thing. You have to be mentally prepared for the situation and the aftermath. Next week will be hard, but I will get through it and I will do it. I just have to summon up the will and energy.

My parents are coming down this weekend to help out at home and for that I am very thankful. With them here I won't have to think about Anji and all the work she shoulders while I am otherwise engaged (i.e. asleep or at least lying down so I am not sick). They will help out with the girls and also some of the normal household stuff like washing up and cooking etc.

All in all it is like a band aid - rip that sucker off and the pain is only fleeting. Have the treatment feel ill for a few weeks and then it is all over. At least that is the plan!

As for the treatment - well if hair loss means that it is working, then it is working well.

This week saw drifts of hair start to fall out and this morning it reached a point where I looked like a mangy dog.

So off it had to go. It was a bit of an endeavour to get it all off. At first I tried the razor and in the ended up with the electric clippers. Anji had to come in and fix me up... 

The new streamlined me...

Good news in Anji likes the new look and to be honest it isn't that bad! Maybe a new style for me? 2015 the year I went bald!

This weekend will see our six year Anniversary and shortly we will mark 18 months in Melbourne. A lot to look back on and a lot to look forward to.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2 Week Update

Before starting the treatment I had plans that I would write something each day. That proved impossible.

Not only was I too tired and distracted in the hospital when I got home I either did a few hours remote working or fell asleep or spent time with the kids and wife.

Life seems to get in the way and the being tired and constantly feeling queasy even with the anti-nausea drugs I just couldn't be arsed to write a blog. Maybe I should have Vlogged instead...?

In any case here I am the night before my next instalment of treatment. Tomorrow I get the 1 day a week drug Bleomycin, I am getting 6ml in 500ml saline and it takes 3 hours to pump into my system. This stuff is strong and hopefully doing the right job and stopping the Cancer from growing, in essence I hope killing it dead.

So this week has been a lot different than last. I truly thought I would be able to go back to work for the last three days as normal. Boy was I wrong.

The weekend and indeed Friday was a killer last week, I was so tired and wrecked I mostly just slept. In fact Sunday was a perfect example of what I felt like.

It was a nice sunny day, better and one of the few we could see coming up. So we jumped at the chance and headed out to the park with the girls. Anji did ask if I wanted to just stay home but I thought "no" I wanted to spend the morning with the girls and enjoy being out in the sun and watching them play etc. Indeed it was nice.

I pushed swings and helped Tara navigate some of the obstacles, Kate climbed the rock wall with me standing behind her - it was nice. That lasted about 30 minutes before my head and tummy started to turn on me. I was weak and queasy again and sat in the shade until Anji could gather the girls and went home with promises of lunch and juice. I went to bed and slept until late afternoon.

I really can push myself anymore.

This week was the same.

Monday: Anji drove me to work after dropping Kate at day care and picked me up on her way to getting her in the afternoon. 5 hours at work
Tuesday: I took the train to work and lasted until around 3pm when a colleague drove me home.
Wednesday: Anji drove me to work after dropping Kate off, did some shopping while I had a meeting and collected me around 12.30pm - I did work form home in the afternoon after a rest.
Tomorrow is treatment day and Anji will drop Tara at her day care, me at hospital while she and Kate spends 3 hours at Doncaster Westfield getting some more school supplies and maybe some sushi for lunch.
I think I will work from home on Friday and avoid the travel (which makes me feel terrible) if I can cope.

However, there have been some positives this week.

I have eaten more and worked out that eating really does help my queasiness. In fact Monday I had hot chips from the Fish and Chip shop across from work. I ate them over an hour and the salty simple food just helped me cope so much better. It was a pity when they finally run out.

Tuesday night I cooked! Sausages, mash potato and steamed peas (from the garden) and broccoli. It wasn't much but I felt better about being able to do something and I ate a mid sized portion. Maybe my appetite was coming back.

Tonight I have even been reading through recipe books to find a perfect burger as I want to make us burgers over the weekend. At this stage I am leaning towards Jamie Oliver's Botham Burger, but that might be more then I should or could have... it might end up being a simple plain burger (cheese for the girls, and Vegan for Anji) with me having as much as I can handle... But to me thinking about food like that is a good sign.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to cook and cook inspirationally. I like to invent and use recipes as a guide in the lose sense... something to fall back on but not necessarily follow to the letter.

The other thing I want to note about this week is the work and efforts that Anji has put in and continues to put in. I do as much as I can but mostly that isn't much. I fall asleep easily and I think it was Monday night I slept from 6pm to 6am... Anji has taken up the jobs and tasks with out a beat. I love her and thank for for that.

I know that this is a fight she can't take off me, but by taking the load of what she can she has helped me more that I can say. Thank you Honey!

My beautiful girls how make me smile and be happy just by being there. Daddy will be well again soon!

I will continue to do what I can and be a body when I need to be and such, but I can't promise to always be able to do all I should while this is going on. If there is one thing this last week and half and taught me - I need to listen to my body and just give it what it needs. If that's hot chips, or sleep, water or peace and quiet.

Thank you also to all those who have checked in on me. To Jessica who has written an inspirational true story. Frank for listening, Les and Colin for the links to music. Marco and Tracy for the good vibes. Tash for her magic and wisdom. The Mothers Group for their support to Anji, and all the friends for messages and hopeful comments, offers and assistance. Nery for his real life experience, Elye for falling over and admitting that I was right!

To my work colleagues and Manager who have ferried me back from hospital when I needed it and have been generous to give me the time I need to heal and also the opportunity to get my head out of the sickness and back to work when I needed to.

Finally to our families who have supported us through this whole time and are coming down again soon to lend a hand and offer more support. To Cookie Dogs for the cuddles and snuggles.

I know I have missed people and I am sorry I hope that I managed to thank you in a comment or private message back.

I still have hair!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Day two, three and four... a quick catch-up blog

Day two.

Tuesday went uneventfully in most ways. No sign of side effects and the nurse at the end of the last lot of drugs accidentally took the cannula out. Ops! I still have three days left.

Oh well we laughed about it and I said at least I will be able to have a real shower tomorrow morning!

I went home, thanks to a lift from Nic at work. Work have kindly set up a roster to get me from hospital to home each day for the week - so kind and thoughtful of my Manager and the team to do that. It takes a big load off my mind and lets Anji get on with the kids and house stuff without having to drop everything to get me in the afternoon.

After a restful afternoon I even went to the pool for a bit and did a few very easy very light laps - mostly 25 walk 50 breast 25 walk. Which kept me moving and released some of the energy I had built up sitting around for hours on end.

The ward is brand new and very well equipped.


Day three.

On the way in in the morning I started to feel unwell. The bounces and movements in the car made my stomach turn a little and I felt queasy. I knew this would be coming however it still was not nice.

Crossing the days off

The nurse gave me some drugs to help we feel better but I really didn't feel like eating much or drinking. I made myself eat some nuts and have some water during the day but that was about the most I could handle.
The main doors
Coming home it was all I could do to have some light miso soup and fall asleep on the lounge - with Cookie dog for company. I remember Anji starting or at least watching Downton Abbey Christmas Special… I wonder if she got through it all?

Soon after Tara awoke from her nap Anji went and collected Kate from daycare and I drifted off again, after some cuddles and lots of waving goodbye and kisses from Tara. Finally I was able to get up when they returned and got the kids ready for bath, while Anji did dinner. She bathed them as I can’t get my arm wet, I did dress Tara and play with her while dinner for being finalised. Thanks Anji!

It was delicious mini quiches made with our eggs, corn and some bought asparagus and yummy pastry. The kids and adults loved them and devoured them… yum!

Day 4.

Today, yes I was amiss in writing for the last two days but I couldn't even see clearly to do much else then lie at the hospital.

I felt more unwell this morning, not sure if that was down to the storm last night which kept me awake or the side effects and drugs reacting… Either way I was not myself this morning and have been out of sorts until just a few minutes ago.

I have been told to have some medicine to help me go number 2… Apparently the anti-nausea drugs can clog you up - hopefully I will get some movement down there shortly. Enough of that delightful subject…

I had the three drugs today, which meant that I need to be here much longer than the other days. First call was 9 - 4, however as I managed to get the first two lots through quickly it looks like I will be leaving about 3pm… yay an early mark.

The nursing stuff are really great at the hospital, all of them are fun, hard working and dedicated to looking after us. There are quite a few people getting treatment for various cancers and perhaps some other ailments. I have noticed that I am one of the only ones here every day. Most it seems are on weekly or fortnightly visits and I asked today if I was on a faster or higher stream

It seems that yes for this cancer the way to hit it is hard fast and powerfully. One nurse said she felt for guys like me who are getting big doses quickly. “It’s tough” she said, “But it’s over quickly and you can move on”. I agreed and said the quicker the better! Short pain for long term gain.

I will try to get to these blogs more regularly but I can’t promise I will always feel OK to write. When I do I will be able to jump on and send these out into the air waves.

Thanks again for reading and the support I get through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and of course here!)

Onwards and upwards!

Monday, 5 January 2015

C-Day has arrived

So today was the first day of Chemotherapy. I wasn't sure what to expect the one thing I was certain of was that it would be a lot of waiting and sitting and learning.
Waiting to commence... pre jacked
Anji stayed with me for a while until I was settled and getting my first lot of fluid pumped into me - 1 litre of saline.

She left to get back to the kids (who were staying at home with grandparentals)
Preparing for her first day at school... Made my day to have this sent to me...
The reason I needed to have to much fluid (and there will be more to come) was that one of the drugs Cisplatin can cause damage to kidneys, the fluid helps to get them over working so that the drug is passed through quickly.

I also had some anti-nausea drugs which are supposed to last around three days - and tonight I've got to say I don't feel too bad... then again I think that the longer I am on the treatment the worse I will feel. But today is a good day and I ate dinner!!!

I hope this lasts the week... so much easier than getting new ones each day
The Cisplatin was delivered with at least another litre and some extra saline to clean the line, the Etoposide had a little less liquid but I'm sure that added to the amount flushed I ended up with 3 litres of liquid running through my system.

I also had a cup of tea and some juice as my mouth still felt dry... who'd have thought!

I did a video of the drip on high speed getting the initial saline in... soothing in a strange way!

The ward, like the rest of the oncology unit is brand new and part of the redeveloped Box Hill Hospital and I have to say it is wonderful to be treated in something so new, clean and with all that is needed. I was there for around 4 and a half hours in my section the 6 chairs (managed by two very good nurses) turned over at least twice and in at least 2 cases 3 times (mine obviously didn't!). A lot of people were there on long term monthly chemo getting just a single injection or drip for 30 mins. I felt lucky that my cancer is treatable in a very simple way. Sure it will be a hell of a ride for the next 9 weeks but all going well that will be it. Done and dusted...

Kate is worried about my sore arm and cut hair, we have told her I need medicine to get better, and it will take some time but at the end I will be OK so she doesn't have to worry. Tonight going to bed she said "You don't look like my Daddy anymore". I replied that I am still here the bandage, the hair are just like clothes they don't make me, me. I gave her a cuddle and tickle telling her that only Daddy knows how to make her laugh.

I'm concerned how she will react when I do lose hair but at least she has seen me with less hair and we will keep talking about it.

All in all today was an eye opener, I learnt the process and what to expect and how to deal... I have time to work and even got a few hundred words down today on my never ending novel. Tomorrow I have some work reports to read and maybe I will watch another IT Crowd...

Tonight I feel a little light headed and foggy (sorry if the blog reads strange) I am tired and I guess I will go to bed early.

Lastly I want to thank everyone for your comments, private messages, likes and love. I have to say I spent the most time today in that chair answering you all and reading the messages and words of inspiration. To know that so many people are out there supporting me from family, old friends and new and the crew at work.

I love youse all!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

C-Day Minus One

So tomorrow I begin my chemotherapy to rid my body of the cancer.

Yesterday I shaved my hair in preparation - I didn't want to have drifts of hair falling out. It has in some ways made all this more real. I guess up to this point it has been something happening 'next year' something not imminent not in my immediate future. Tomorrow the future arrives.

This week has been very enjoyable. After the trip back to NSW, and seeing all out family and friends which was awesome, we were treated to a week child-free thanks to my in-laws who took the girls for the New Year's week.

Anji and I got to eat out and enjoy NYE in the City, we slept-in, watched movies, ate spicy dinners and didn't watch ABC2 (until after 7pm) the whole week... In fact I think the TV was hardly on at all expect to watch movies and of course Dance Moms (Anji's vice).

I also got to play some video games on my Computer during the day!!!

It is quite though, the chickens are pecking around the garden near me and the horses sometime whinny, the birds sign and someone is gardening next door. It's missing that constant noise of children, games being invented, or toys crashing and the asking for food, drink, do this or do that and the fall back question "what are you doing?" often followed by "why?".

I miss it and I love it's absence...

I have used this time, this brief moment before the unknown to relax, enjoy life and prepare for whatever may come next.

-1 Day...