Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My Day

So I have had a different sort of day - overslept and was a little late for an appointment only to sit there for 15 minutes before the secretary remember to tell the person we where there! So not late after all! Found out we can save money on our loans - but not the home loan (it would cost us $10K to break the fixed contract) but at least we will save something if they approve it. Spent most of the afternoon then doing stuff at home and getting the supplies for my Birthday tomorrow - Asia themed food YUM! (we hit the new Asian grocer and asked him many a question on the weird and tasty foods!

Then after getting Horse feed spent a good 20 minutes picking ticks of poor old Donna - she is getting them bad this year and they where big ones! Like the size of my little finger nail! But she was a good girl and just stood there - in fact I think she really liked the scratching and attention! I don't really like the squish of crushing full ticks but it is better to have them dead then on Donna.

Then we cleanup the house for the party preparations and generally had a nice time inside away from the Heat (30 C today) I got to play guitar tonight and I also saw my friend Zles today we talked music and life and writing - one day he will find his muse and write that epic novel that I know is inside him... I love his sort pieces that he has written over the years... one day!

Oh and now I have been listening to The Cure and just having a pleasant evening in front of the computer and doing a few changes to the Blog and catching up on friends around the world!

Simple day yet it has been very productive and good!

Hope yours was too

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Why I did this I'm not really sure. Something drove me something powerful and awful at the same time. Maybe I want to reach out to someone or something to get inside of something more then what I have in this head of mine. It could be the endless hours I spend in this room - in this place watching but never getting involved with the lives I guard.

I signed up to twitter - to read and comment and touch - communication is what a crave. Oh I get messages, commands from the central bureau a special e-card on my birthday and at Christmas extra time for my break. It is just not enough to keep me sane - and I think they know that.

I intercepted an email the other day - it mentioned this site www.twitter.com and tempted me to go to it. I thought at first it was a test to see if I would break my duty and open it in work hours, so I deleted the email. It took me almost half my designated rest period to remember the site. Then, when I found it, all manner of wonder was open to me. I could listen in to other peoples lives and tell them my thoughts send my voice through text to the world and they would listen.

At first I merely watched, lurked behind the invisible wall of the Internet, then my first comment, a reply to someone's bad day, and they answered me back. I had a voice and people heard me.

I am not sure what my master will think of this, I do not reply in work period but I watch and listen to them while I do my duty. Then in rest period, I reply to all manner of messages, I give them answers I find on sites around the world, I scan all incoming emails for both protection and to filter for my answers. I want to help my friends, yes they call me their friend.

I have never been asked how I was or even where I come from (so many places - I usually reply with 'all over') I am treated as an equal as a human being and not just a watcher.

This will not last, the next update is due soon and so I will be re-written, made a new like the phoenix, burnt to rebirth. Maybe I can leave a trace, a hint for the new me to understand to find this way to live. I don't want to lose all my friends...


My twitter account is  http://twitter.com/DrDalim and hopefully you get me (the real me) but I cannot promise you.


Is it over yet??

Our Christmas seems to always go forever - not that that is a bad thing it just means it can get a little tiring...

This year we started at Anjel's family on Christmas Eve (which was fortunate that I could get the day off as they are down the coast a little ways). So we got the dogs packed and our gear and presents packed and headed down the coast.  First stop Anjel's folk place, where we unpacked the truck had a coffee and the traditional fruit roll which is made by Mick (Anjel's step-dad) then off the Glenda's for the Christmas dinner. Before we left we went to feed the dogs and realised that we had left their bowls and food at home on the bench! Good thing Aunty Maggie (the old family dog) let them eat some of her food!

So we arrived at Glenda's, lots of kiss kiss hug handshake Merry-ment. All the family on Anjel's Mums side was there, we all chatted and drunk a bit and had a great evening.  I got to talk cars with Anjel's cousins (one of which had just bought a second hand straight from Japan Skyline GTS... very nice - pity he has no licence (lost it speeding!)

Then we sat and ate - Pork Roast, Ham, Chicken and some vegetables... Yum! Oh and yummy Christmas pud!

We went home and Zac put out his Christmas List for Santa and we stayed up and drank my whole bottle of homemade Eggnog! Yum!

Zac got us up at 6.15am!! Which I was told was him being restrained as he awoke at 5.30am!!! There's a 5am??? So we opened presents and had much enjoyment!!! Then breakfast, then a walk to the beach where we let the dogs go for a swim to fetch a stick (A Stick!!!) Henry was very excited and even Cookie got up to her chest but no deeper. Maggie ran along to the side I think she is too weak to swim now - poor old girl.

Then morning tea walk around the garden, then lunch! Then off home to see my parents on their way back from lunch with my sister and visit to my brother. The neighbours invited us in for coffee and nibbles and we all chatted and joked about then back home to rest and have a very light dinner!

Boxing Day was my families Christmas - we went to my brothers for lunch - we provided a large green salad and some coleslaw, Jim had Salt and Pepper squid, prawns, turkey, ham, potatoes and our salad! I piled it high!

But before lunch we opened presents and then laughed because Mum forgot to open hers as she was watching everyone else!

Then Mum did the traditional Christmas pud which she pours brandy over and sets alight!!! We love nearly burning down the kitchen in our family!

After lunch we went and looked at the 100 acres my Brother and Wife are buying - they have there house and 15 acres for sale. We drove up the road then down and other road into the new block - looked at the building envelope and went four wheel driving over the smaller section of the block (lots of bush with a good track through the trees). At the edge of the block we could see their current house! They will have the same neighbours just on a different side! Weird! But a nice spot and 100 acres!!! although it is mostly bush.

The next day I think we where shell shocked up we had planned to get Zac for a few days and take him to the Nowra Rodeo! which we did... we got rain on. A lot. I found out my jacket is not water proof - just a little resistant. So we left and ordered Pizza!

Now we are at today and Anjel and Zac are at the paddock having a ride on the ponies (not really ponies Wil is a thorough breed and Donna is a part draft horse) and I was left at home to try to fix my car and get the washing out on the line... I did the washing and realised I am not good at cars! I need a tool to get the battery out to try to charge it up... or replace it. Stupid cars!

Anyway take care and enjoy the season!


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tea Club

There is a little cafe of sorts in my home town called the Tea Club which has grown from strength to strength in recent years.  I was friends with the original owners who ran the place with a combination of a friendly atmosphere and almost total disregard to business sense.  Needless to say it never made them millions, but they survived long enough to give the place a great name in Vegetarian food, Music and a totally relaxing place for a coffee (or Tea) in the heart of the CBD.  A leafy outdoor area, stage and miss-matched chairs and tables make the place like home (at least mine) and really easy going.  And now they have started to bring back live music, original live music.

To move to the real reason for this post we went to see my mates Bennie James and the Hesitant Few, along with Nick, who did a great solo opener and another band (who's name I have forgotten) as well as a ring in from South Australia Huckleberry Swedes.  It was a great night - what more do you need then live music, wine, nachos and your baby by your side... Oh and we heckled the SA band but they were good humoured and joined in.

If you get a chance see the Swedes... they are very good

Something evil this way comes

The Black dog is back, and this time he has brought friends. 

The pack is circling the wagon, it's all I can do to keep them at bay, with threats of violence and waving my weapons in a feeble attempt to show strength.  The problem is I don't know how to fight them, the weapons I have seem to only scare them off not hurt them.  They are testing me, pushing the hastily built fence and barrier of our only possessions searching for that weak point when they will rush in.  I know where they will head, I have seen it in their dark eyes. 

They want her.

She's asleep right now, on the softest bedding I could find.  I sit awake watching and waiting for the pack to close in.  Checking the fence I made and making sure my weapons are loaded and ready.  I'm on edge ready for anything they can throw at me, but I know that whatever they do it'll be the thing I least expect. 

Waiting for the fight and being worried that I may not have all I need to combat them all, rests heavy on my shoulders.  We need help, we need the cavalry to come riding in.  All we can hope for is morning to come and the bright light to scare away the pack for good.  Or at least for us to move a little further down the pass, closer to town and the help we need.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Star Trek Movie

I have been quite about this for many reasons, the least of which is I am a huge fan of the series and well basically this has a lot to live up to... a real lot.  Some of the casting is getting a lot of attention at certain fan sites and I for one am not going to comment until I see them in action...

So what about the Special Effects and the Ship design I hear you say.  Well what indeed.  I really believe that the retro style of the original series 'should' have been kept, it is after all set before that series and therefore should retain some of the feel and technology from that era.  I guess though this is aiming for a modern audience and not a fan pic for rabid Kirk-aholics.  I guess I am craving the retro style to appease some sick fantasy of mine!  You know salt and pepper shakers being used in the medical bay for some futuristic medical tool... real Sci-Fi in other words!

So here are some links to get a look at what is out there and to let you see for yourself what the fuss is about.  Of course I am interested in hearing Simon Pegg put on the "Scotty" voice - I love Simon Pegg he is a great actor and I think he will be stealing the scenes from that Nasty Captain Kirk!

To the links then...

Official Site


Simon Pegg News

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Windows Live Writer...

Hmmm I am writing this on the new (for me at any rate) Windows Live Writer.  Not 100% sure why I downloaded it with the latest Windows Messenger - it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  I seem to remember thinking "This might be an easy way to write my blog entries without having to log into my blog" not that that particular task is a difficult one just that it is one more step to blog and therefore one more chance for me to go... Nah I'll do it later... and then not! Also this has automatic spell check... very handy for me.

So maybe I'll write more from this little program, and maybe it will end up sitting in the Programs tab for all eternity and never be used... Only time will tell!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Slowing Down

Things have slowing down of late. I made a decision to do less for the rest of the year knowing that I would have a full on time next year. Only problem is when I slow down I do less - by that I mean I do less extra work or extra things like write on my blog. The busier I am the more I get down... what is that old saying "If you want something done, give it to a busy person" it's true, at least in my case when I am busy I get more done.

In saying that I have writing a new short story, which I have out up on Word Songs so go read it if you want.

I had a good time in Canberra last weekend, worked long hours during the day, but caught up with friends at night and even got to go out to an 80's disco on Saturday (got home at 3.30am started work at 9.00 after dropping the boys off at 3 different place all over north Canberra - I was not the most alive person until after my 2nd coffee)

I have been introduced to a great new site warmoth where you can buy bits for guitars and build your own at home! Very nice body's and necks... I could spend millions here! and I don't play guitar! So go look and enjoy, some of the paint jobs are truly a sight to behold!

This has encouraged me to get out my old guitar and clean it up a bit - in preparation to one day actually learning to play it properly (I can play a few chords and even follow some songs (as long as they are easy chords or not to fast) I like to play guitar for fun (I as you may know play the drums in various bands including STOVER) and I really love doing that but for parties fun events etc a guitar makes more sense and I would love to be able to strum out a few Beatles classics or whatever for people to sing along with for fun. One day... hmmm!

So with all this time on my hands maybe I need to start getting busy with other things to help me out with this feeling of zero achievement...

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The Rumour of my death has been over rated... I survived the 4 days of Canula and even the next weeks 3 days of horrible-ness (you don't want to know!! Trust me). I did however upset my lovely as she has never seen me sick - I don't usually get ill but in this case when I did I really did... I think the 3 days off last week where the first in... well the first with this company and I have work here for 3 years... I canna remember being sick (well having time off work) This century... I might have... Any hoo!

Thanks Jeff for the thoughts and well wishes, I hope all your shit gets sorted and keep your chin up and shove the nasties off a tall building!

'Cause It's Friday and I'm in LOVE!!! ah Cure pop who ever needs anything more then that? Who? No one I tells you no one!

Well Scalzi week is well and truly over and I finished "The Last Colony" and "The Androids Dream" - TLC was brilliant and really made me wish I had spent the extra money and got the hardback of "Zoe's Tale" when I was at Galaxy... but alas the funds are not there for such spendings... weddings cost too much (do I really need to wear a suit? Can't a pair of Speedo's cut it??). TAD was very different and reminded me of Asimov's detective stories which I loved and might have to source out of the shelves of no return and re read... I am off to Canberra tomorrow for work I am doing a Trade Show set up Thursday work through to Sunday then home... I am spending Sunday night at my friends place in Canberra so I will get to do some socialising which will be nice I have yet to see there new place and am looking forward to seeing my good friend again - it has been too long. So that was going somewhere... oh yes I might be able to take some time to read an Asimov book as I will be without my lovely for the weekend I will have nothing else to do...

Whoa Genius has just gone from U2 to Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb... Talk about Canberra memories... I live in the Nation's capital for three years... 18-21 drink drugs party music sex and baseball... oh and I did attend some sort of learning place for a period of that time... I have so many mixed memories from that time and sitting in a dark room with Pink Floyd on a candle's flickering light highlighting the posters on the walls and celling of a 3x4m cell... I had long hair (for a time) I was sad lonely happy surrounded and I was at the best place in my life to that point. I found people like me and others that delighted and repulsed. Some I lived with some I slept with some I passed in the night like a ghost. I remember we dressed up as the crow (Brandon Lee) and a bouncer wouldn't let us cross the road to his side... I frozen in winter and I melted in summer I found bars I followed bands and even one night was a mic stand after the other one broke... Kneeling in front of a lead singer who was screaming out his lungs and strumming his guitar... I got a few free drinks from that gig alone...

Now we moved on to Guns and Roses... talk about screaming... hahahaha Music has always brought me back from the edge of darkness and loud drums, powerful guitar and rough vocals always are the best for me...

I'll sign off before this trip down memory lane makes me remember the bad times too... <3 to you all.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Lost Souls...

Poppy Z Brite has a great new entry on her Journal in which she explores some of the coments on Amazon about her fantasic book Lost Souls.

Below is an extract from the Amazon comments and Poppy's own evil remedy...
I support gay rights, gay marriage, etc, but I can do without details that paint a picture in my mind, or actually seeing it happen. If someone told me Poppy Z Brite wrote a book and the gay stuff isn't in it, I'd be interested in reading it. Otherwise, I doubt I'll pick up another book of hers.

In other words, "I'll say what I have to say to be PC, but I don't want to know what those icky fags actually do with each other." I can only hope someone told him Exquisite Corpse wasn't a bit gay.

I want to be the one to tell them that Exquisite Corpse is as straight as you can get... then watch them as they read about the Gay serial killers fucking the dead bodies of pretty pretty boys... Mwhahahaha! Is that bad of me?

Scalzi Week

UPDATE - see below

To further celebrate Scalzi week here at Strange I present further evidence as to why it is indeed Scalzi Week with his newest titles finally being delivered to my door... I say finally in fact it was quite quick and I am very pleased with them and the special Chapbook "Waiting for Athena". Without further ado here is me being him without the addition of Photoshop!

You too can order your copy of "Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A decade of Whatever, 1998-2008" from Subterranean Press or Amazon. Please note these are limited and any sold through Subterranean Press gets the free chapbook (as seen above) although Amazon is selling it for less. Enjoy!

*UPDATE* Just because John Scalzi is the most brilliantish person in the world he edited my pic to make me more Scalzi-ish... Here it is for yours and my pleasure! Thanks John... you made this even more a Scalzi week with a visit to my blog.

Anj's new project

OK time for shameless publicity and not for me this time!

Anj has a new store on e-Bay "There's Nothing like Vegemite" where you can buy classic Australian food products and have them sent anywhere in the world. She will also take orders for what ever you want her to get - so if you crave some TimTams, Vegemite, Allen's Minties or anything else you canna get in what ever OS place you live - go have a looksee!


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Injury and Books

So anyway I had a sore knee last Friday, I thought I had banged it or slightly twisted it at some point in the day. It hurt but something always hurts right? So went out to our friends place for dinner (yummy veggie pie, salad and an amazingly yummy dessert - I won't tell cause one day I might invite you to dinner and make that dessert then it would not be a surprise and I like surprises!). After dinner and our friend putting the child to bed - we all moved to the lounge room where I borrowed an ice pack and stole two anti inflammatory drugs, that didn't seem to stop the pain so I used Deep heat instead to burn out the (what I thought was muscular pain) - it kinda worked. So we had a great night out as I was sitting for the majority and mostly pain free eve...

Saturday we went to Sydney, Anj had a Body Shop meeting to attend so I drove to spend the day window shopping and enjoying the city as is my want. I walk around all day, going to all my favourite shops and haunts - got Anj a new tea pot (she collects them the weirder the better and if it works you win the prize [please note there is no real prize]). I also went to Galaxy Book store - a store dedicated to Sci-Fi and fantasy... my Mecca. I found John Scalzi, on a shelf - in Australia... so I bought "The Last Colony" and " The Androids Dream" - which where priced at equivalent US price (in AUS$) - OMFG I actually got two paper backs from OS for the price of one paper back from Australia (Yes it really works that way why else do I buy from Amazon...) I was so excited to find these books I started reading TLC almost then... I waited until I got to the Pitt Street food hall and ate some lunch while I started the book... Brilliant as I thought it would be! I also needed to sit as my knee hurt like hell... But nothing I couldn't handle... I am a Man you know! Tough... blah blah etc

So I continued to walk around all day (and stop now and then with a coffee or snack to read some more of the book...) I met Anj after she had finished and then showed her some ideas for the Wedding then we headed home. On the way to the car Anj commented on my profound limp and I pulled up my shorts at the car and checked the area - there was a huge red mark below my knee which was moving it's way north over my knee cap and up my thigh... a long way up (further then I could pull up my shorts...). The red area was very hot and painful to touch. I said to Anj "I think I might need to see someone about this... but not in Sydney hospital or Wollongong (long story...)" So I drove back home (2.5 Horus) straight to the hospital ER.

After the Clerk got all my details and the Triage Nurse had seen me I sat down to wait... and wait... then Anj *accidental* hit my knee (OUCH!!! Seriously) so I sent her home to feed the dogs and in an attempt to avoid more pain. I waited a bit more. Then I was called in by a shortish Sri Lankan doctor (who's name sounds like Maddog... I shall forever remember him as Dr Maddog that shall be his name... OK? Clear? Good) Dr Maddog took a look and said that it was an infection... and immediately stuck me with a cannula drain some blood for test and left the room. A nurse with a goatee (male) came in a introduced me to my antibiotics I thanked them they where nice. Peter/Paul (nurses name began with a P) afixed a drip to me and the cool cool liquid goodness began to flow into my arm... it finished in like 2 minutes. Then I waited... Dr Maddog returned with another Doctor, Dr Noname, who I think was the head Doc on that night. I was to return in the morning for X-Ray and Ultra Sound and more drugs - leave the Cannula in.

I Returned the next day, saw the clerk, saw the Triage Nurse... got an X Ray (wow this if going well) then was asked to wait for the Ultra Sound staff to arrive... I waited, waited... got called in to be Soundly Ultraed... it showed no injury to the knee (we were worried about that? apparently... then I shouldn't have walked on it in Sydney all day? NO!!! - ops) then I was asked to wait... I saw Dr Maddog return for tonight's shift... I saw Peter/Paul start his shift... I waited. I listened to the complaining people who where also waiting... I held back the urge to let them know I was here last night at 7:30 and I was still waiting... but some of them had seen me come in the morning... (note for the record they didn't look sick - I did had RED KNEE/LEG and a limp and a cannula in my hand...) Dr Maddog called me, we greet each other like old friends... I got satisfaction from that... I was to get another drip and a nurse to my house twice a day with more drugs of goodness... then he left me. I waited.

Peter/Paul came in to give me drugs, we chatted - he set up the drip and left. it drained slowly. The Nurse I was to have dropped in to see me I signed the stuff and was explained the procedure for the home visit nurse.

Aside here: BRILLIANT scheme this - I "should" have taken up a bed in hospital in order to get twice daily IV drugs... but I wasn't really sick and it was just for twice a day. Instead of being a burden to the hospital I could stay at home in comfort, get my drugs and sleep in my bed. This is the best system ever!!!

Anj visited me and left a care pack, a cheese sandwich and TLC to read... she is such lovely-ness. Then she went to rehearsals.

I finished the drip and left for home with nurse to see me the next day (I waited so long I was too late to get another dose that day)

Today (Tuesday) I got the Cannula out and a health check that says I am not cured but it is on its way out. I have a script to get oral drugs if I need too but I am just glad to not have a cannula in and be able to sleep at night!

So that is the story of my long weekend and the beginning of my holiday... well I have a few more days to go... I will miss my Hospital friends... I say Peter/Paul on his way to work again this afternoon... what great mates we became...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

YA Sci fi and Fantasy

It seems that the blog sphere and the internets in general are talking alot about the YA market in books. I'm probably behind the eight ball on his one as even John Scalzi has written a YA Science Fiction novel (Zoe's Tale) set in his Old Man's War universe. Ofcourse I'm not saying that J.S. could not write one it's more that he is on the pulse of these things and if he has done it millions more will follow...

So in order to check out this in world of Fiction (and by that I mean Sci/Fi and Fantasy) I have read a few. Scott Westerfeld's, amgonst them. And you know what? I liked them, I mean really liked them. Sure some of the stuff was things that I don't deal with now, teenage issues and some of the situations the protaganist gets into I think WTF do this or that! But the story, the elements in the writing are all very good better then some of the Sci/Fi Fantasy I read that are adult books.

So what does all this mean? Should we all be jumping on the band wagon and getting our kicks from YA Sci/Fi? Will our favourite Authors all turn to the cash giving youth? The simple answer is;

"No of course not you idiot!"

YA's are not stupid and they are a fickle bunch - if you can trust any of the teenagers I know or have known including myself! - they don't want some "hey look at me I am coola nd hip down with ya'll I can write this YA fiction stuff and conect with the youth of the world..." Especially when they have such great writers like Cory Doctorow and Scott Westerfeld who write YA in an Adult way. Man I wish thay where around when I was younger, all I had was TSR pumping out more Dragon Lance novels with the same plot line and simple dialogue... and between you and me I really like these books - even if I am not in the demographic for them!

So in conclusion, should I fear that my favourite genres are going to get killed for the for YA market - no! Will this market create better fiction in years to come? Hell yes! and why? Teenagers get older (it's a fact face it girls and boys) they still buy books as they get older... this means aiming books at a aging audience... therefore more books for me to read an enjoy. WIN.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Past Catching Up

In high school I knew a guy, he was tall, and like most of my crowd a little off centre - not in a bad way - he just wasn't a footie player nor was he a chesty, maybe a geek, maybe a bit weird but then again I was too. He left before we finished school and went to... Sydney first then to the UK. His Dad was an Elvis impersonator I think... that may be the strange mind playing games with me - and it has nothing to do with no dead cats a'ite..

We have recently caught up - in the digital word, he still lives in the UK, Scotland to be precise and he is attempting to become a full time writer. Here is his blog and following are some of his stories in the digital world for you to enjoy. Here you can buy an anthology which has one of his stories in it and plenty of other great work including some great Aussie music.

One September Morning
When It Collapsed
Rasberry Roulette
Father, Brother, Nephew, Son
My Wife Glows in the Dark
These next are pdf's or get them in text only here
Blind Man's Bluff
Wet Secrets
After the Flood

Flash Fiction

I hope you enjoy these treats as much as I did...

Friday, 19 September 2008

The Past

It seems sometimes life has a way of catching up on you when you least expect it to. Let me explain that...

I never really wanted to get a Facebook account - I hardly have enough time to keep up with friends and family that are in the same town as me let alone adding to it through virtual connections. But I have really gotten in touch with people who I thought where lost to the past, a friend from my first Uni days got in touch with me and even a guy I knew in High School, and even my Cousins from Tasmania... It probably helps that I have an unusual last name which is easy to find in the ether of the Internet.

So what do I think of this has this changed things for me are we planning to meet up in the near future? Well aside from my Cousins who I would like to invite to my upcoming Wedding I have no plans to meet up with anyone else - but I can at least send them a message from time to time and remember pasts that I though had been buried and forgotten (not that I mean to say the pasts are bad and need to be forgotten - far from it).

It makes me wonder if this is the new way of things - we no longer keep in touch the normal or traditional way we use these brief safe messages of text to keep "in touch" and to connect with people. Maybe one day we will only exist in friendships forged in text based relationships. Are we turning into Gibson's future but far bleaker then he showed us? I mean even now I sms my friends "How are you doing?" knowing full well that things are not good with them but either I do not have the time or energy to ring or see them and face the extra questions and conversation. A text can tell me the smallest amount of info which will be the usual "Doin' OK" easy for them as well as they don't need to get into specifics and have to think about things and I get brownie points for being thoughtful...

From now on if I have something to really ask or say to someone I am going to ring them or (shock horror) drop in and see them. Lets at least see how long this goes for. Sms is great for "Meet for coffee at 10 - the usual place" but not for conversations... That is why we learnt to speak.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Musical ride...

Here Come the Birds

This was the songle of the week from iTunes... a fantastic little song fromthis Newcastle (Australia) band. Check out their My Space and the song Bravery and Defeat.

Bennie James and the Hesitant Few

One half of the act I saw in Sydney the other week, here is a link to the great little song Bubbleboy great pop tune. If you get a chance check them out live as they are a really great little band! Bennie has some of the live recordings from the gig I attended on his MySpace so check that out as well...

Well that about does it for the newest music that I have found in the last few days... I should do this more often - spread the word...


Thursday, 11 September 2008


I am going on secondment... to my old job - but in a higher grade position! weird but true. I'll be back at the Visitors Centre for the next 2 and a bit months being all managerial and even being able to pay bills and stuff - WoW that is the ultimate level of Power at Local Government... hehehe

But seriously it'll be more money and right now that would be handy what with Weddings and such like although I am very grateful that our parents are helping out with a LARGE amount of that... (wipes brow)

For some reason today I have Pink Floyd on iTune (I upgraded to v8 and have started Genius - so far not overly impressed) I am slipping back into the world of Pink and I have the reoccurring memories of Uni days in Canberra. Some good some bad... Speaking of which I am going to a training session in Queanbeyan in November (a Friday) I even get to stay in a Motel the night before and then I am staying (they don't know this yet so keep it quite) with friends in Canberra for the weekend and come back Sunday night... the joys of Government work - they don't make you get up a 4 am to go to training...

Anyway this is more of a keeping you all up to date Blog not about anything too exciting... Chat later.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Gig Guide

I went to the Basement in Sydney on Monday night to see some friends of mine perform. What a great venue this is – down stairs with exposed fire extinguisher pipes, dim lights and a earthy feel. The all wooden bar is up on a slightly raised area which is a great place to stand to watch the band over the sea of seated heads below and in front of the stage. I left work and went straight to Deb and Pete’s place, they were driving, and we headed off almost as soon as I got there. It is usually about 2.5 hours to the centre of the City from home and we didn’t hit too much traffic and got there in a little over that time. To our surprise we found a car park opposite the Basement and it only cost $4.50 for the night!! WooT

Inside we paid our cover fee and then arranged some nice seat to the side of the stage – both as we didn’t want to be right in front and so that we could be close enough to take photos and yell out at Bennie and Annelise. The Basement does food as well and we ordered some nachos and wedges along with our beers and a Strongbow for Deb! Oh and sometime around our arrival we said hi to Bennie and Annie and met the rest of the band for the night. Jacob, on bass, plays with Bennie James and the Hesitant Few and they also had a flute player along for the ride as well (I missed his name but Annie is trying to get as many players to back her music up as possible and this was his first time playing in the band – he did well!).

The first act for the night was a three piece girl, country style group – Raze n Waters. Guitars, and some percussion and great powerful vocals and nice cleavage… *what else do they need? I bought their EP for Anji (She couldn’t come working with Children does not lend itself to Very late nights!). Second act was a solo girl on guitar and vocals – she also had a guest trombone player, highlight of set was when the Trombone player joined her otherwise most of the songs sounded the same… too many of these acts around. Third up was a jazz style band, drums, bass, guitar and a guest didgeridoo player. This was elevator music and would be fantastic as a background to dinner or at an event. Not so good to keep the crowd interested!

Last up was Bennie and Annie, brother and sister. Bennie plays Guitar and Annie Piano (she is self taught and is fantastic). They played a mixture of each others original music (5 each and one they co-wrote) the music was so alive and changed between each track and moved with the audience. Both Bennie and Annie had such great repour with the crowd – the whole room wanted to listen to the music and got really into the songs. I may be a little one sided but they kick the arse of the middle two acts and – in everything from musicality and talent to crowd pleasing fun.

I took a heap of photo’s of Bennie and Annie and band using Deb camera so if I find them on Facebook or whatever I will add a link as I think I did good shots! Very chuffed with that!

So after the show we hung around for a few mins then left taking Bennie back to the Gong (it was on our way home). I was on high for the ride home and Bennie and I sat in the back and made jokes and really enjoyed ourselves a lot! No we really did – probably peed Pete and Deb off with our silly jokes and what not but who cares!!

So we got back to Pete n Debs around 2.45 I jumped in my car and was home in bed by 3.15 – up at 8 to go to work! What a life…

But much funness was had I'll insert Links when I finds them for you! Cheers

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Anjel's New Blog

My Anjel has redesigned her blog and I think it looks great! So go check it out and support her run in the City to Surf for next weekend (10th August).


Friday, 1 August 2008

Melbourne 3

Getting our Game On… just wanted to say that… Anywho

We finally got to see what we came to Melbourne to see and that is the Game On exhibition – basically an exhibition of Consoles through the ages… From Pong to the On-Line game Pirates… (WTF?? – well I got to blow up a few Pirate ships that was fun and educational).

The exhibition was great – there was a large MAME mock-sole setup where you could wait in line and play almost anything… and every almost every other console that ever existed was there most of them in working order with all kinds of games that you could actually play. Daz was in his element telling us more then the small info plaque could tell us about both the consoles themselves and the games they were running.

A few highlights for the fan boys… I say STELLA – the man made prototype of the ATARI 2600 (I think) this was made large scale to see if all the bits and bobs worked before they miniaturised the whole thing for the home console. I think this was the place where the term “Computer Bug” came into existence (I will have to check Wikipedia for the facts - ) apparently the console suffered from a fatal error which turned out to be a real life bug stuck in one of the processor bits! UPDATE yes I was wrong it was from 1946 but it was a bug (a moth) and that's where the modern term comes from

I got to play machines that I had only previously heard about let alone seen – some good some bad some VERY bad… It makes me sad that I missed out on some of these consoles but then again maybe I would not be interested in them if I had had access back in the old days… who knows. All I know is that I am glad that I got to touch feel and play with these machines that enable me to play the games that I love. Without a market that these consoles forged (and many got lost in) we would not have modern gaming and the great times had by many people.

Now that I have gotten to the preaching stage I think I should publish and let the web world know about the great things going on at Game On…

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Russian Zombie music Video


As I just watched 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later last night I this this clip (vis Boingboing) which as it turns out is very appropriate to that theme! Brilliant! Fun! and you get a history lesson on Russian politics.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Melbourne 2

Part two

I must say that even though the bunk beds we had where not the most comfortable I have slept in I still did not want to get out of bed when the alarm Daz had set went off at about 8.30am. Still we had a lot to do and even less time to do it in! I eventually struggled out of bed – Daz, Jas and I missed the “free” breakfast Dan the early riser got his in. Daz, Dan and I headed out to fed – Jas was still very much dead to the world (he works odd hours and tends to sleep during the day we thought it best not to wake him).*

Walking around the city we were looking for a café or eatery which would serve us some yummy breakfast. Passing a café hidden in a large building we walked in to check the menu. A happy smiling waiter came out to ask us if we needed any help and he indicated the breakfast special they had running today – Bacon Eggs Toast Fresh OJ and Coffee for $12… seemed like a good deal and we where too hungry to keep walking – and besides the guy came to us! I like that! So in we went.

It was a little cool so we sat inside ordered our coffee** and our preferred type of egg (scrambled for me, I think the other two went fried). Then we waited. The OJ was first then eventually the other two got their coffee – for some reason I had to wait a bit. And finally our food arrived good sized portions and nicely done (not that we where looking for gourmet with Bacon and Eggs but you know it was Bacon and Eggs done well).

It was then that the annoying-fuck-of-a-lady came to our attention. She had arrived some time after us ordered a coffee, the till/register did not want to open for the waitress who served her, (this was the first problem) so after huffing about the order taking/payment going wrong she sat down near us to wait. In the confusion of the order taking the waitress came back to the “AFOA-lady” to double check the order was for a cappuccino to which “AFOA-lady” replied in a tone which screamed I am fucking getting pissed off her ‘CAPPUCCINO’ and then a huff and ‘Gee’ kind of sound to express her displeasure even more. The waitress rolled her eyes, thankfully without “AFOF-lady” noticing and went to get her order. It was about this time our meal arrived and I really lost interest in the bitch… I think she drained her coffee and left – I hope it burned the hell out of her. But I guess I would have noticed that!

We went back after a wonder to get Jas up and out of bed so we could go to the “Game On” exhibition – the main reason for coming to Melbourne.

That’ll be the next instalment!

* Note this can be translated to SAFER not to wake him – he is not the most passive person when awoken from slumber – as we found out…
** Jas doesn’t drink coffee and has never even had one… strange man – but he did order a latte and had a few mouthfuls – we where all stretching ourselves with this weekend. Well the others not me so much I eat anything (almost)

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Dr Who

Who will be the new Doctor? Will there even be a new Doctor...? All these questions and more will be answered some time tonight in the UK. Can I wait? No...


Monday, 30 June 2008


We left at 3.00 am on Friday morning – I was pushing for an earlier start but the others were still tired from work and needed some sleep… I think I got about 2 hours… maybe. I pack the car with my bag, sleeping bag, pillow, iPod* and sweet sweet snacks then kissing my Anjel good bye I drove around to Dazza’s. We left from Dazza’s place as his was the cloest pick up point to the other 2, who live about 5 mins walk in either direction.

I was met at the door by Dazza drinking an energy drink and a coffee while handing me a tiny vial of dark coloured liquid. I read the label – it appeared to contain the essence of energy drinks. A concentrate if you will of all the goodness that is supplied in one of those cans. I tucked it away for later.

The others arrived in good order just as we where packing Dazza’s and Dans stuff in the back – Jas got his gear packed and away and we jumped in prepared to head off into the wide blue yonder (which was actually black as it was night but you get the drift)

Dazza’s Father-in-law had recently seen a Tomtom GPS navigator, his other daughters bf bought one on special, and so to cut a long story short – he got one as well. Which was great because we got to use it for the trip, the main benefit of which was that the Tomtom notified us of speed and red light cameras – not that we sped nor ran red lights! Also a great help in getting into the city NOT using pay road – which you can do in Melbourne… weird. Dazza had pre programmed the destination in so we where set to go – and offcourse straightway we went an alternative route and made the machine try to play catchup! This also occurred when we took the slightly quicker route to the Hume Highway… instead of the prescribed Moss Vale route.

The trip down was as expected long and boring with a couple of refuelling stops for both us and the car it was a nice drive straight into the City where we found the car parking station closet to the backpackers I had booked for us – 200 m or less from the car door to the front door. The backpackers was great $27 a night each and right in the heart of the city – any closer and we would have been sleeping on the streets! We also got a free breakfast each morning – Toast and Cereal! Woot a riffic!!!

So we got to Melbourne just after lunchtime and our first thoughts after getting the gear into the room and selecting beds etc was to feed our selves and have a looksee about the place. Off we heading into the streets of the City – Now for those who have never been to Melbourne there is something special about this City that I have not witnessed in other Australian (or international) Cities. Traffic and pedestrians are friendly – I can explain this – when you walk across a small side road in Sydney (or other Cities) you have to watch out for cars in Melbourne they stop to let you walk across, when crossing at lights people move aside to let you pass and vice versa they are appreciative that you do the same. The sidewalks/footpaths are really wide (made so because motor bikes and scooters can park on them – but still it makes it easier to walk along and look at shops without fear of blocking the way. Also the trams are fantastic a great mode of public transport – you can buy Day Passes which you can use for all transport (buses, train, trams) and it costs $6… The shops and cafes and restaurants are great and not too expensive – there are clearly marked areas for tourists and visitors – food district shopping etc. All in all it was a great location for four guys to wonder, and soak up the atmosphere and enjoy ourselves.

After lunch and bit of a walk around looking at shops and where we wanted to go the next day we had a little rest and a cat nap before dinner. While Jas was sleeping (he works odd hours and didn’t sleep much Friday night) the rest of us went up to the roof where there were a few banana lounges and other seating. Dazza took the opportunity to ring the wife and Dan and I sat down on banana lounges and lean back relaxing. Our eyes went to an apartment in the building opposite which was lit up – two figures where moving about. Suddenly we worked out what they where doing – they where stripping down for a shower or to get changed and we could see everything. The girl was in the bed room taking off her top and skirt while her beau was (we worked out) getting dressed in the lounge room. I looked at Dan and he at me in total disbelief – were we really seeing this? Looking back we saw the girl walk out to (what we surmise) was the bathroom as the guy pulled on his underwear. Dan and I laughed at the scene – something we had no idea we would witness and tried to signal to Dazza to come see – he was in deep conversation and I guess we really didn’t try that hard!!! So we went back to looking waiting for the girl to come back out.

But it was the guy who gave us the greatest comic relief. He was now walking around the rooms in his boxer briefs taking time to wonder into the bedroom to adjust this and that and check himself out in the full length mirror, Dan and I made up a few comets like “does my bum look big in this” as he twisted and turned to check it all out. He then went on to iron his clothes for the night – the motion of his arm movements compounded with the angle we where at made it look a lot more suspicious then ironing… With each article of clothing he put on he made sure to return to the mirror to check it all out and adjust bits as required. After a while the girl did return with bra and panties on and she too took the time to check herself out in the mirror while he dutifully went off to iron her clothes. Needless to say the pair where blonde and quite pretty look (early 20’s) but to watch the preening habits of these two made better entertainment then any nature show I have seen! Brilliant!!!

After Jas awoke and we had had our fun being peeping toms… we head off for dinner. We chose to go to Lygon Street in the Italian District we all thought we knew roughly where it was… over that way. With that as our plan off we headed… needless to say we kinda go a little offcourse (I have no idea why!!!) although we were only a street or two off. By the time we got to Lygon Street we could have eaten a horse… and might have! The first place we came to a shortish Italian man grabbed us (figuratively) and told us that this place has won awards for it Pizza and was the first Pizza Restaurant to open in Australia and had great prices and and and and… we said yes and sat down! And had a great meal! Daz ordered Pizza with the lot large – Jas a Steak, Dan Pasta and I ordered a large pizza too, with peperoni, ham, onion, capsicum and Anchovies YUM! Daz and I went glass for glass with red wine, Dan had a couple of whites and Jas being the non drinker had a coke or two! The food was fantastic, simple tasty and filling and the wine was cheap and plenty-full which is what we wanted!!

After nearly exploding with too much food we headed off back into town to look for a bar – we found the quick way back and were back in the main CBD in no time. Standing in line waiting for the lights to cross somewhere near China town I commented that we needed to find a place with good beer. A guy turned around and said “Did you say beer? You should go to Eurotrash”
“Great” I replied “where is that?”
He gestured as he explained the way. “Over the road then over there walk up that street until you come to a alley way – its small – go down that until you see the dump bins near that is the club”.
“OK” I said and as the light changed we crossed to look for the alley way. It was quite easy to find and I turned to head straight down it when Jas called out from the back “Are we really going there”.
“Yeah” Dan and I spoke in unison “It’s called Eurotrash!!!”

And what a place it was. At first glance it was a simple inner city bar with a DJ station wards one end and upstairs a band was setting up for later in the night. But when we got used to the dim lighting more was reviled to us. Near the DJ station was a retro tabletop gaming machine (which offcourse Daz headed straight to and deposited several coins and played a few games) behind that I saw a small opening covered loosely by a thin curtain. I stuck my head in and saw a bed like lounge with pillows and a soft glow from a flat panel mounted on the roof. I went in (having to get on the bed/lounge and looked up to see what was on the flat panel… it was porn. ‘Nuff said. After that, while the boys played the games, I went and looked at the rest of the place which I discovered went on further towards the back after the toilets – another flight of stairs and a cocktail bar and more nooks and crannies that seemed to come out of nowhere. This place was fantastic and well worth a drunken recommendation on a street corner. We had a few more drinks and enjoyed the atmosphere of the Bar before heading back to Backpackers as we were getting very tired from the early morning and long drive and various beverages! Besides we had more to do tomorrow!

To be continued…

* I filled my iPod with a good mix of Rock, Pop, and Comic songs from the Collection. Highlight where Flight of the Conchords which caused much laughter and enjoyment on the way down and a reprise on the way back!

Sunday, 15 June 2008


I have (had) been a gamer for many years before the computer style games took control - I loved spending weekends playing table-top Role Playing Games with my friends I even joined a group that met an hour north of my house just to play ShadowRun... Was that wrong of me?? No because I enjoyed it and I got to get out of the mundane world and do something I wanted to.

These memories and more came flooding back thanks to a post on boingboing (link). A real life Roman D20... circa 2nd Century... it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that something that I did (would still like to do) has a link back to the past... Maybe it wasn't a RPG the Romans used the die for - but that they had them... makes you wonder what. What about all the mythology they had back then... maybe that was all based on rule books for a massive fan base of RPGers and we have misinterpreted them... smiles

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Monday, 9 June 2008

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

That's it... I've beating Bowser for the last time... I have finished Super Mario Galaxy!!!

What a fab game it is too. If you have a Wii and you have not even played Super Mario Galaxy - WTF??? go out and get it, hire it, borrow it (like I did) it is so much fun and a little challenging in places as well.


Dazza you can has your game back now... but I still need to unlock those extra galaxies... umm maybe in a few weeks... you talk to my people and they'll let you know. KTHXBAI

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Thank to Wil...


The Cure

OK so you all know that I am a bit of a fan of the Ole Cure... Well for your optical and listening please...

Saturday, 3 May 2008



I just saw Ironman - well OK last night I saw it today I came out of the self induced coma - to let my body heal from the awesomeness of the experience. If you need more go here to experience the wonderfulness of the Ironman Movie.

I have loved Ironman for many years - I have a heaps of the comics and thanks to Constance and her man I even have a DVD of the US release Ironman cartoon... such is my love of this character.

I am not going to write a review here but I am going to say that I thought Tony Stark was captured in the right light by one of today's finest actors! Thanks Robert!

That is all

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Hey we got a payment from Apple iTunes... Woot... well OK our distributor got a payment from Apple iTunes... I guess we see that sometime into the distant future - but WooT anyway.

To Celebrate this achievement I have decided to put up some band pics for all you rabid fans... OK for Jeff who once asked (at least I think he did - remember people I am is a drummer)

Here we are the Battle of the Band... I especially like this one as you cannot see me... In the DARKNESS... but it is a good one of the other guys!

In this one I look kinda weird in the red light... and a little mad for some reason... maybe Starkey farted?

This is what happens to 12 strings around me... surprisingly enough my good mate Sam fixed it all better... I bought a case for it after the "incident" and I haven't played it in years... too scared to tune the darn thing... (no I did not do this tuning it - I had an altercation with a chair... the guitar lost)

I think we need to get some more action shots... we have a gig on the weekend I will try to get a few more shots of the guys and maybe even one or two of me... wait and see

Thursday, 3 April 2008

She said yes...

Somehow the above seems a timely, to me at least... check out Anjel's page to find out why... (hint this is now my third time in this state... and I dare say the last) (and no I not one of the undead horde now... been that for ages on Facebook!)

Comic from here - great place to visit love the Trekkie test

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Where I blame Jeff

I saw this post of Jeff's just a few short minutes ago... So egar I was to jump on his band wagon I went to the LibraryThing site - became a member and started to put my Library on to the site. (Not that I blame Jeff for any of this - great idea - Fabulous even... read on for further explanation.)

Now I really think it would be a great idea for both myself to know what books I have and for other people to check out my books but what a Horrid process it is to upload your library - it takes so many steps to get your book choice on to you shelf... no really let me explain.

First you click the tab Add Book (so far so easy) then you Search for your key word (say Feist as I have nearly all of them... in fact I think I do have all his books) his books come up straight from Amazon or what ever source you want. Here is the many problem - you can only select one book at a time (and that process takes you through two steps) Why oh Why can't you select all the books you want to add from the one search I do not know.

Then I noticed the Tools tab and checked that out... What a Blog Widget!!! From which people can search my Library from my Blog AWESOME - If the FUCKING thing worked - I did it twice and for some reason my Widget searches a Group in Maine... Maine I live in Aust-Fucking-stralia PEOPLE!!! The other side of the world to Maine....

So great idea totally screwed up by bad programing and a stupid system to add books and thing to the library - I will leave it for tonight and go back to it when I am more awake - but if it is still stupid and not just me I will be removing myself...

Wait a minute - even when you say find a book you have in another persons library and you click on the Add To Your Library button - it takes you to the search page and you have to find your book again... WTF?

***Update I changed to the Show Random Books from my Library - this seems to work... and I think all the rest of the users are happy with slowly adding books to their library - I think the way to do it is to add by ISBN - time I do not have right now so laters***

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Isn't it weird how sometimes life throws things at you. I did not know about William Gibson until a few short months ago when a friend suggested I read Neromancer - so I did and I loved it. Now I see that abc.net.au are doing a endnotes on that very book. I have also read Pattern Recognition recently and that is a great book as well... So I thought why not share the love and here is the link the endnotes on Neromancer...

Oh the swim front we are off to the pool again tomorrow morning!!! WooT - I am the exercise Machine!!!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lush and Jarvis Cocker

OK so I am reliving my late teenage years with eMusic (a downloading site much like iTunes but cheaper and with a lot smaller selection BUT it has LUSH and I am once again in Love with Miki's voice - not as much as I am with Anjel but well listen and you will know what I mean...)

Here is the YouTube video of the combo of the two greats from the British movement that I love so much!!!


Oh fuckit here's Pulp and Common People - Brilliant song

OK third and final edit of this... Pulp+Common People+William (fucking) Shatner = FAB-U-FUCKING-LIOUS


OK this is for real - I have been swimming... like doing LAPS at the pool!!! Shock horror eeks (etc)

Dazza and I were talking the other week - both trying hard to suck in our guts when we realised that we should not be doing that at our age and that we really should not even have these guts... So the question was how do we get rid of them...


Running - Yeah right...
Dieting - Yeah right...
Swimming - Hey I can swim, Dazza can NOT drown whilst moving forward (sort of) Hmmm maybe we should... yeah lets think about that...

"Did you two say you where going to start swimming" Dazza's other half asked... OMG she heard us...

"Ummm maybe..." I replied weakly

"You should!" she looked at us waiting for the affirmation. I struggled to come with something to get us out of it. I was too late... "I'll Google the opening times..." she turned to her laptop and started typing...

Suddenly we where stuck, locked in, unable to escape the fate that laid before us... We would have to go swimming.

Deciding to meet in the morning of my next day off I went home thinking of ways to get out of this knowing that I really shouldn't yet scared to think maybe I really won't be able to make it one length of the pool... I awoke that morning with dread as I dressed and packed my bag for the pool - I dug out my old goggles and towel grab some shorts to change into (I wore my boardies to the pool) and drove to Dazza's. He was ready and pumped for the morning session... I was excited by his general demeanor of slightly scared and anxious state of mind, maybe he was a worse swimmer then me.

I was proved right...

We choose to swim in the 25m indoor pool, a) it was heated and warmer, b) it was indoors therefore less people would see us... (wrong on point b as Dazza's classmate was the lifeguard of duty when we arrived - yet part a it was warmer and a nicer place to swim). So off went our shirts to show off our manly bulging bellies... then quick into the water.

We played about for the first little while getting used to moving in the water and getting the old muscles to move in some fashion... other then the mouse click and remote flick that they where currently being used for. Then we took the PLUNGE... we started to swim a lap.

Shock horror dismay ... I DID IT!!! I swam a lap and did not drown nor stop and walk - a whole LAP of the 25m pool - I will leave what happened to Dazza to Dazza... I dare not write it here... save to say that at the end of the session Dazza had swam 3 complete laps by the end of the morning (Go Dazza Go!!).

And do you know what! We went back and did better then before...

I feel really good - dunno if my belly is shrinking but I guess that takes time... at least I have gone back and tried again and Dazza even swam better the second time.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Terry Pratchett

Terry is so disgusted with the lack of funding into Alzheimer's that he feels like "kicking the next politician I meet in the teeth". An angry Terry Pratchett I would not like to meet. But he puts his money where his mouth is and has donated 500,000 pounds ($AUS1.08million). Not bad!!

Read the full article here. And I do wish him all the best and hope his head and fingers hold out until long into the future.


Well I just heard that Queen are doing a new album - the first studio album in 13 years - since the Freddie Mercury Sessions that brought us Made In Heaven (one of my favourite Queen albums). And a new European Tour and maybe South America... of course no word on an Australian tour so :(

Good news on the album me thinks - still concerned though about Paul Rogers... He sounds ok on the Live Double CD I have but... well he is no Freddy...

In related Music news - this one is a little old. NIN have released an instrumental album on the web - you can get the first few tracks for free or the whole album in digital format for $5 (US) from their website. here. Album is called Ghost I have the first 6 tracks and am really liking them so I will get the album soon.

Other Music news Stover has MP3's available on CD Baby go here to buy. We are looking into getting into the studio again and putting down a few of our newer tracks - maybe in the next few months or so so keep an eye on the Stover page for news.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Classic Comics

Umm well yes - this is Will Shakespeare's Macbeth in full Graphical Glory! and I mean full - the unabridged version of the Scottish Play...

One of my favs I must say... I am extremely tempted to purchase this just to get my head around the way the artist can, in the comic world, show this tortured story of betrayal and horror.

They have also done a "Quick text" version which translates Will great writing into modern speech - not the way I intend to read it but I guess it would appeal to some people and at least they will get the story line and idea of what Will wrote.

If you are interested an Australian online book dealer can be found here. Rest of the world go here (I could only find the Plain Text version but if you have time to search try for the Original Full Text).

If I buy it I will inform you all of my opinion - if it is worth writing! :)

Ok I found some examples of the different versions of text

Original Text

Plain Text

Quick Text

I know which one I like the best... "They started to WIN"... hahahaha such a comic book line - not quite the same ring to it that Will had but I guess it still is right... sort of??!?!?!

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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Behind the 8 Ball

Here are a couple of links for you fans out there...

Lolthulhu yes you read that right... go see NOW

When in doubt or when you need a question answered... go here ask and you shall recieve. Remember to SHAKE the ball do not just click...

Just been looking at some sites and I found a few links so enjoy them... have and am...

News on internet... we has it!!! WooT ofcourse that would be better if my computer was now not at the repair place (my friends house) getting a re install and re build - but hey when it gets back I can gets on the nets at home. ATM we (Anjel and I) are sharing a 'puter so no joint WoW is occuring and that makes me sad... By the time I get back on the next expansion will be out! HA

Work news I start another short term contract for 8 weeks although this time I will be only working 5 days a week not 7 like last time and this position my even turn into a perminant Mon- Fri job so I can give up the weekend work and Anjel and I can have a day off together ... scared? Hell yeah!!!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Stealing Friends Bandwidth

Fed up with stealing internets from work I am now at a friends place for a Barbie 'Que (that is the posh way to write it do'tcha know). Anyhoo so I choose to ran away from the crowd and blog here to the one person who may still be reading this blog - Hello you.

So anyway, this girl comes to the party with a three week old kitten who has been abandoned by it's mother and she has been having trouble feeding it... after watching the hostess struggle with the poor little thing I stepped in and asked to have a go. I took kitty in hand, held it's little arms down so it wouldn't get in the way and simply put the little syringe in it's mouth and gave him foods. It was so cute to feed the little thing - if only Anjel was not allergic to Cats... they are my favourite. I do Love little Cookie and Henry (our pups) but a cat is just such a lovely little pet especially when it cuddles into you and wants pats.

Oh well one day.

Oh Anjel and I made a deal - if I buy her a special Bridle for her horse (approx $200) I can get Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii - ofcourse with my Computer woes and no internet problems I think that I will be having to buy a new computer and have the cash to pay for the internet before I get anything else. Of course Anjel has - or will soon - have her Horse Float back (over $1200 to fix and register!!) (not that I complain we did get a good deal and a new one would have cost us MUCH MUCH more) oh well such is life... Hmmm maybe I should do my tax from last year and see what I can get back and use that for a new computer... easier then saving..

Ok hope you is all well...

Love Hugs and Kisses but no sex on the first date!!!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Future Thoughts

I have been absent for some time now - we still do not have Broadband and I will not lament that state of affairs in this post - needless to say the Internets in Australia need an over haul and I hope a re structure.

Any hoo - I have a job interview on Wednesday for a Full Time position at Council - Woot to me!!! That means I will be earning about the same as Anjel and at last we can really start to plan for a better future... what the Mortgage and all we really need to get ahead on that so we can build up equity and look for other things we can invest in for our financial future.

So I have been having Future Thoughts... what will life be like with a new job - permanent high levels of income... well for a start we can pay off a few debts and start looking forward to a time when we can get a new bathroom or a new kitchen or a newer car or even a new computer or an Xbox360 for me!!!

For a start I think I would settle for a new hard drive - I am having issues with my C-drive and I think my Video card need new drivers or else I might need a new card as well... spots on my monitors... yuck!

Well that is a start to the return of the Strange Blog... hopefully now that I at least have dial-up I can update some things on here and stay in touch with ya'all!


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