Sunday, 15 June 2008


I have (had) been a gamer for many years before the computer style games took control - I loved spending weekends playing table-top Role Playing Games with my friends I even joined a group that met an hour north of my house just to play ShadowRun... Was that wrong of me?? No because I enjoyed it and I got to get out of the mundane world and do something I wanted to.

These memories and more came flooding back thanks to a post on boingboing (link). A real life Roman D20... circa 2nd Century... it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that something that I did (would still like to do) has a link back to the past... Maybe it wasn't a RPG the Romans used the die for - but that they had them... makes you wonder what. What about all the mythology they had back then... maybe that was all based on rule books for a massive fan base of RPGers and we have misinterpreted them... smiles

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