Thursday, 7 May 2009

Star Trek

hehehehe Kirk/Spock… getting closer!

Short Post

Just a short post before I head to work.

We have seen a few movies in the last few days – firstly Wolverine: X-Men Origins in Sydney on the weekend. Great movie very impressed – I so want more… and we got more. On the way home I found out that Anjel has not seen the first 3 X-Men movies… not one of them!!! In order to fix that we watched 1 and 2 that night (I don’t own 3 so we’ll have to hire that one day)

While talking about Sci-Fi that Anjel hasn’t seen she then mentioned that she has not seen a single Star Trek Movie… Or Star Wars!! OMFG what have I done – I have married a Sci-Fi Virgin!!!

Thinking of the good parts of this… and it did take awhile for my brain to recover from the shock… I get to watch all these films again while educating Anjel… And that we have started.

Last night we went for Star Trek – The Motion Picture, some say the worst in the franchise I say it is probably the least understood and understandably so… Kinda like 2001 without Hal… Anjel was, I think a little unimpressed, However we followed that up with Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan – and we got Khhhhaaaaaaaannnnnn! and where impressed! This is such a TRUE Star Trek movie.


I think we can now watch Star Trek (2009) without any worry – then catchup on the other 9 movies at a latter date…

Friday, 1 May 2009

Gaming News

It’s been a while since I blogged about games…

I finished Half-Life 2 the other day – I borrowed The Orange Box for the Xbox 360 from a friend, had a great time finishing Portal – so much fun! Seriously if you have never played Portal you need too!

Anyway Half-Life 2 was a Loooong game – I almost gave up – in fact I didn’t play it for quite a few weeks but I am glad that I finally finished it, and the ending was really worth a WTF moment!

Anyhoo then I found this video teaser of the up coming Ghostbusters game!!! I think I might need to Sqee! “SQEEE” (with an extra “E”) This is booking up to be a Fun filled game and I will be eager to see what it is really like – I hope they put a demo on Xbox Live…

I have also been playing Raving Rabbids 2 on the Wii – Much fun and a real party game – needed another one of those for when we had a visitor or the nephews and nieces come to visit! I’m just playing it to unlock all the levels so everyone else can play… honest… you don’t believe me!!! (SHOCK HORROR)

Also I have been playing Assassins Creed – another Ubisoft game! and this time the twist is at the begining of the game… it has become a little repetitive but I like the story line and I guess I will stick to it… You play an assassin in the 12th Century… you need to kill people ‘nuff said really! Oh and apparently you shouldn’t kill people in plain sight… but if you run fast enough you get away… mostly! :)