Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Isn't it weird how sometimes life throws things at you. I did not know about William Gibson until a few short months ago when a friend suggested I read Neromancer - so I did and I loved it. Now I see that are doing a endnotes on that very book. I have also read Pattern Recognition recently and that is a great book as well... So I thought why not share the love and here is the link the endnotes on Neromancer...

Oh the swim front we are off to the pool again tomorrow morning!!! WooT - I am the exercise Machine!!!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lush and Jarvis Cocker

OK so I am reliving my late teenage years with eMusic (a downloading site much like iTunes but cheaper and with a lot smaller selection BUT it has LUSH and I am once again in Love with Miki's voice - not as much as I am with Anjel but well listen and you will know what I mean...)

Here is the YouTube video of the combo of the two greats from the British movement that I love so much!!!


Oh fuckit here's Pulp and Common People - Brilliant song

OK third and final edit of this... Pulp+Common People+William (fucking) Shatner = FAB-U-FUCKING-LIOUS


OK this is for real - I have been swimming... like doing LAPS at the pool!!! Shock horror eeks (etc)

Dazza and I were talking the other week - both trying hard to suck in our guts when we realised that we should not be doing that at our age and that we really should not even have these guts... So the question was how do we get rid of them...


Running - Yeah right...
Dieting - Yeah right...
Swimming - Hey I can swim, Dazza can NOT drown whilst moving forward (sort of) Hmmm maybe we should... yeah lets think about that...

"Did you two say you where going to start swimming" Dazza's other half asked... OMG she heard us...

"Ummm maybe..." I replied weakly

"You should!" she looked at us waiting for the affirmation. I struggled to come with something to get us out of it. I was too late... "I'll Google the opening times..." she turned to her laptop and started typing...

Suddenly we where stuck, locked in, unable to escape the fate that laid before us... We would have to go swimming.

Deciding to meet in the morning of my next day off I went home thinking of ways to get out of this knowing that I really shouldn't yet scared to think maybe I really won't be able to make it one length of the pool... I awoke that morning with dread as I dressed and packed my bag for the pool - I dug out my old goggles and towel grab some shorts to change into (I wore my boardies to the pool) and drove to Dazza's. He was ready and pumped for the morning session... I was excited by his general demeanor of slightly scared and anxious state of mind, maybe he was a worse swimmer then me.

I was proved right...

We choose to swim in the 25m indoor pool, a) it was heated and warmer, b) it was indoors therefore less people would see us... (wrong on point b as Dazza's classmate was the lifeguard of duty when we arrived - yet part a it was warmer and a nicer place to swim). So off went our shirts to show off our manly bulging bellies... then quick into the water.

We played about for the first little while getting used to moving in the water and getting the old muscles to move in some fashion... other then the mouse click and remote flick that they where currently being used for. Then we took the PLUNGE... we started to swim a lap.

Shock horror dismay ... I DID IT!!! I swam a lap and did not drown nor stop and walk - a whole LAP of the 25m pool - I will leave what happened to Dazza to Dazza... I dare not write it here... save to say that at the end of the session Dazza had swam 3 complete laps by the end of the morning (Go Dazza Go!!).

And do you know what! We went back and did better then before...

I feel really good - dunno if my belly is shrinking but I guess that takes time... at least I have gone back and tried again and Dazza even swam better the second time.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Terry Pratchett

Terry is so disgusted with the lack of funding into Alzheimer's that he feels like "kicking the next politician I meet in the teeth". An angry Terry Pratchett I would not like to meet. But he puts his money where his mouth is and has donated 500,000 pounds ($AUS1.08million). Not bad!!

Read the full article here. And I do wish him all the best and hope his head and fingers hold out until long into the future.


Well I just heard that Queen are doing a new album - the first studio album in 13 years - since the Freddie Mercury Sessions that brought us Made In Heaven (one of my favourite Queen albums). And a new European Tour and maybe South America... of course no word on an Australian tour so :(

Good news on the album me thinks - still concerned though about Paul Rogers... He sounds ok on the Live Double CD I have but... well he is no Freddy...

In related Music news - this one is a little old. NIN have released an instrumental album on the web - you can get the first few tracks for free or the whole album in digital format for $5 (US) from their website. here. Album is called Ghost I have the first 6 tracks and am really liking them so I will get the album soon.

Other Music news Stover has MP3's available on CD Baby go here to buy. We are looking into getting into the studio again and putting down a few of our newer tracks - maybe in the next few months or so so keep an eye on the Stover page for news.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Classic Comics

Umm well yes - this is Will Shakespeare's Macbeth in full Graphical Glory! and I mean full - the unabridged version of the Scottish Play...

One of my favs I must say... I am extremely tempted to purchase this just to get my head around the way the artist can, in the comic world, show this tortured story of betrayal and horror.

They have also done a "Quick text" version which translates Will great writing into modern speech - not the way I intend to read it but I guess it would appeal to some people and at least they will get the story line and idea of what Will wrote.

If you are interested an Australian online book dealer can be found here. Rest of the world go here (I could only find the Plain Text version but if you have time to search try for the Original Full Text).

If I buy it I will inform you all of my opinion - if it is worth writing! :)

Ok I found some examples of the different versions of text

Original Text

Plain Text

Quick Text

I know which one I like the best... "They started to WIN"... hahahaha such a comic book line - not quite the same ring to it that Will had but I guess it still is right... sort of??!?!?!