Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lush and Jarvis Cocker

OK so I am reliving my late teenage years with eMusic (a downloading site much like iTunes but cheaper and with a lot smaller selection BUT it has LUSH and I am once again in Love with Miki's voice - not as much as I am with Anjel but well listen and you will know what I mean...)

Here is the YouTube video of the combo of the two greats from the British movement that I love so much!!!


Oh fuckit here's Pulp and Common People - Brilliant song

OK third and final edit of this... Pulp+Common People+William (fucking) Shatner = FAB-U-FUCKING-LIOUS


Jeff said...


I love Lush. "Ladykillers" is quite possibly one of my favoritest songs of all time, and "Ciao" just slays me, when they're all cool and happy to be apart, but then when the two of them sing together about how miserable they are... "eating meager meals..."

OW! Excellent stuff.

Constance Parker said...

Since I come from the strange old US, and the South to boot, you're only the second person I've met who knew who Pulp was. :D