Friday, 7 March 2008

Classic Comics

Umm well yes - this is Will Shakespeare's Macbeth in full Graphical Glory! and I mean full - the unabridged version of the Scottish Play...

One of my favs I must say... I am extremely tempted to purchase this just to get my head around the way the artist can, in the comic world, show this tortured story of betrayal and horror.

They have also done a "Quick text" version which translates Will great writing into modern speech - not the way I intend to read it but I guess it would appeal to some people and at least they will get the story line and idea of what Will wrote.

If you are interested an Australian online book dealer can be found here. Rest of the world go here (I could only find the Plain Text version but if you have time to search try for the Original Full Text).

If I buy it I will inform you all of my opinion - if it is worth writing! :)

Ok I found some examples of the different versions of text

Original Text

Plain Text

Quick Text

I know which one I like the best... "They started to WIN"... hahahaha such a comic book line - not quite the same ring to it that Will had but I guess it still is right... sort of??!?!?!


Jeff said...

Oh man, I am not a big comics fan, but that looks sweet.

Macbeth is my fave Shakespeare tragedy. I might have to check this out.

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