Saturday, 12 July 2008

Russian Zombie music Video


As I just watched 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later last night I this this clip (vis Boingboing) which as it turns out is very appropriate to that theme! Brilliant! Fun! and you get a history lesson on Russian politics.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Melbourne 2

Part two

I must say that even though the bunk beds we had where not the most comfortable I have slept in I still did not want to get out of bed when the alarm Daz had set went off at about 8.30am. Still we had a lot to do and even less time to do it in! I eventually struggled out of bed – Daz, Jas and I missed the “free” breakfast Dan the early riser got his in. Daz, Dan and I headed out to fed – Jas was still very much dead to the world (he works odd hours and tends to sleep during the day we thought it best not to wake him).*

Walking around the city we were looking for a café or eatery which would serve us some yummy breakfast. Passing a café hidden in a large building we walked in to check the menu. A happy smiling waiter came out to ask us if we needed any help and he indicated the breakfast special they had running today – Bacon Eggs Toast Fresh OJ and Coffee for $12… seemed like a good deal and we where too hungry to keep walking – and besides the guy came to us! I like that! So in we went.

It was a little cool so we sat inside ordered our coffee** and our preferred type of egg (scrambled for me, I think the other two went fried). Then we waited. The OJ was first then eventually the other two got their coffee – for some reason I had to wait a bit. And finally our food arrived good sized portions and nicely done (not that we where looking for gourmet with Bacon and Eggs but you know it was Bacon and Eggs done well).

It was then that the annoying-fuck-of-a-lady came to our attention. She had arrived some time after us ordered a coffee, the till/register did not want to open for the waitress who served her, (this was the first problem) so after huffing about the order taking/payment going wrong she sat down near us to wait. In the confusion of the order taking the waitress came back to the “AFOA-lady” to double check the order was for a cappuccino to which “AFOA-lady” replied in a tone which screamed I am fucking getting pissed off her ‘CAPPUCCINO’ and then a huff and ‘Gee’ kind of sound to express her displeasure even more. The waitress rolled her eyes, thankfully without “AFOF-lady” noticing and went to get her order. It was about this time our meal arrived and I really lost interest in the bitch… I think she drained her coffee and left – I hope it burned the hell out of her. But I guess I would have noticed that!

We went back after a wonder to get Jas up and out of bed so we could go to the “Game On” exhibition – the main reason for coming to Melbourne.

That’ll be the next instalment!

* Note this can be translated to SAFER not to wake him – he is not the most passive person when awoken from slumber – as we found out…
** Jas doesn’t drink coffee and has never even had one… strange man – but he did order a latte and had a few mouthfuls – we where all stretching ourselves with this weekend. Well the others not me so much I eat anything (almost)

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Dr Who

Who will be the new Doctor? Will there even be a new Doctor...? All these questions and more will be answered some time tonight in the UK. Can I wait? No...