Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fable 2

I have borrowed Fable II of a friend – I thought I needed something to play to keep my mind off the Impending Doom or else I am a glutton for punishment.

Either way it is a really fun game and I am enjoying being able to grab a few moments here and there to play it. Not that I can say I have played it right through (I doubt I am even more then a 10% into it at the moment).

The game play is very much RPG, with the typical Fable elements like owning a house, getting married having kids etc. Some of the achievements leave my wondering… The Bigamist??? and others are a little more fun – The Goth – dye your hair black, wear an outfit entirely out of black clothes and wear some black makeup… reminds me of High School.


What you should also notice from the image above is how UTTERLY beautiful this game is. i don’t have a HD TV, just a relatively normal widescreen CRT but it still looks great (the text is sometime hard to read) and this and other images just prove my point!


I’m very impressed with the look and feel of this game and … well to be honest I’m off to play an hour or so right now…

Catch you soon…


Brian G Ross said...

Man, just get a PS3. Step away from the Dark Side!


Dalim said...

As if I have any money left to buy more consles... although... BluRay Player... Hmmm Oh yeah!!!

Mind you all my friends have Xbox's and we can all play together... ahh one big happy Xboxie family!