Monday, 22 September 2008

Past Catching Up

In high school I knew a guy, he was tall, and like most of my crowd a little off centre - not in a bad way - he just wasn't a footie player nor was he a chesty, maybe a geek, maybe a bit weird but then again I was too. He left before we finished school and went to... Sydney first then to the UK. His Dad was an Elvis impersonator I think... that may be the strange mind playing games with me - and it has nothing to do with no dead cats a'ite..

We have recently caught up - in the digital word, he still lives in the UK, Scotland to be precise and he is attempting to become a full time writer. Here is his blog and following are some of his stories in the digital world for you to enjoy. Here you can buy an anthology which has one of his stories in it and plenty of other great work including some great Aussie music.

One September Morning
When It Collapsed
Rasberry Roulette
Father, Brother, Nephew, Son
My Wife Glows in the Dark
These next are pdf's or get them in text only here
Blind Man's Bluff
Wet Secrets
After the Flood

Flash Fiction

I hope you enjoy these treats as much as I did...

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Brian G Ross said...

Awww shucks...

I won't cry because, you know, men don't do that sort of thing, but...

Thanks man!

Although I take exception to the geek comment. Lol!