Thursday, 9 October 2008

Anj's new project

OK time for shameless publicity and not for me this time!

Anj has a new store on e-Bay "There's Nothing like Vegemite" where you can buy classic Australian food products and have them sent anywhere in the world. She will also take orders for what ever you want her to get - so if you crave some TimTams, Vegemite, Allen's Minties or anything else you canna get in what ever OS place you live - go have a looksee!



Brian G Ross said...

TimTams are good, but Vegemite...

Is there anybody that actually likes that stuff? I reckon a shovel to the head would be more enticin'.


Dalim said...

I love the stuff and when it runs out in this house hold you know there is going to be Trouble (with a capital) ofcourse I do all (most) of the shopping so the one in trouble is usually me!
So I take it you will be stocking up when you are out?