Thursday, 9 October 2008

Lost Souls...

Poppy Z Brite has a great new entry on her Journal in which she explores some of the coments on Amazon about her fantasic book Lost Souls.

Below is an extract from the Amazon comments and Poppy's own evil remedy...
I support gay rights, gay marriage, etc, but I can do without details that paint a picture in my mind, or actually seeing it happen. If someone told me Poppy Z Brite wrote a book and the gay stuff isn't in it, I'd be interested in reading it. Otherwise, I doubt I'll pick up another book of hers.

In other words, "I'll say what I have to say to be PC, but I don't want to know what those icky fags actually do with each other." I can only hope someone told him Exquisite Corpse wasn't a bit gay.

I want to be the one to tell them that Exquisite Corpse is as straight as you can get... then watch them as they read about the Gay serial killers fucking the dead bodies of pretty pretty boys... Mwhahahaha! Is that bad of me?

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Brian G Ross said...

Lost Souls is the only one of Poppy's novels I have read, but I was impressed with her descriptive abilities and storytellin' skills... homosexual tendencies included.