Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Day Off

I have a day off tomorrow and as such I plan to do something with it... Yes maybe even finish a computer game - I am looking at you Dazza!! - note worthy note here (hehehe I crack me up) Dazza helped me finish Halo when I got a little stuck, we went co-op and blasted our way to the end of that darn game! Woot! So I am guessing that between the two of us we could easily complete Halo 2 just in time for me to win lotto and buy Halo 3 with my Xbox 360 (that I do not have as yet!!)
Well it is either that or I shall go slightly mad!! I need a day of total oblivion and time wasting - aside from getting a load of washing done and cleaning up the kitchen, ok honey! Anyway Dazza might be busy - I asked him to tell me when he would be free either tomorrow or Thursday. So maybe I'll just be Blogging my day away tomorrow and on Thursday we will take over the world. One game at a time - I could finish Battlefront 2, I started to play that again the other day.. Hmmmm the choice is big
Have fun!

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