Sunday, 1 February 2009


It seems that the fates are sending me signals... maybe good ones maybe bad ones but signals all the same.

The Watchmen movie is coming - and yes I will admit I have not read the comic (although Constance is going to lend me her copy when she gets it back from her cousin-in-law) so I am looking forward to seeing and reading that one. The first move of the fates was to place no less then 3 Watchmen promo material on the way to us watching Underworld 3 last night (yes it was everything I expected and I enjoyed it very much - the comment afterwards from Constance "I love throw away movies".  And for Anjel it was the first of the Underworld series... and she got the whole idea - we might have to have a Underworld 1 and 2 night to bring her up to speed... mind you I am not even sure I saw Underworld 2...)

Then I see this at ABC online - He-Man live action. Which they did (as The Masters of the Universe) in the 80's with ... well I seemed to remember enjoying it at age 12 or so, so it was probably bad... in fact I am willing to bet on that. So what will this one be like? Hmmm I can say that Matel are in on it - so it will have a toy line and be advertised extensively - maybe it will bring the He-Man universe to a whole new generation of kids... and become the big seller for that Christmas... I might need to get a nephew convinced so I can have a excuse to go see it with him!

To provide more proof that the fates are setting me up, I read this this morning.  John Scalzi's latest article at AMC - what books would you like to see made into a SciFi movie. He has some interesting choices - and some of them I would like to read myself or see. A quick read of the comments shows that there are a lot of Sci Fi books that people would love to see made into a movie. But the common theme of these comments is that the studios will get it wrong.

This makes me think is there anyway that a book can be made into a movie and still be good or remain true? Now there are some that have (John mentions "Children of Men" which I really enjoyed) but there are a whole lot of others that are just plan crap.

I suppose what this had brought me around to is - are the fates getting me all excited and stimulated with thoughts of new movies (this has not been the case for many a year - I can't remember the last movie that I just HAD to go see) just to have my hopes and dreams dashed because they make an EPIC FAIL of a movie.

Or are they saying to me - be like Underworld was, a great night out with you love and friend laugh at the movie, enjoy it and take it for what it is. A bit of fun and adventure - and Bill Nighy.

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