Monday, 18 December 2006

Welcome to the first of many... (wishes)

I like to think of my self as a poet for the people... hehehe just like (p)Rik from the Young Ones (complete with the silent p)

So here is something I wrote earlier... and published in an anthology of poems many moons ago...


‘It’s all been undone’ I cry
the howling winds the only eye
I look around the forest floor
And met my shattered life’s front door
A naked man stands before me
His teeth chattering to ancient glory
His gnarled and wrinkled hands and feet
Began to make their own true beat.
I run around in morbid fury
Of all the fireflies dancing near me
Flashing images of ancient light
The purple sky burns just right
Beckoning me to journey on
An old hag begins to sing her song
The trees around all fall down
A crash of thunder. The only sound
The hag lies dead at my feet
The man has lost his only beat
A time will come for this dream to end
Then all will be as it was, again.


Told you it was a while ago...

So what does this mean - it is about a dream land where everything and anything is possible a place I like to go to now and then images of things that happen there are contained within... enjoy!

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Cypher said...

Ah hah! I found your blog! Don't lose the password this time! :P