Thursday, 15 February 2007

Something new

I like to wear nice underwear. I also tend to wear the old crappy blue jocks when I get down that low in my draw - but still there are days when i just like to slip into something nice. Whether they are of a particular colour or style that feels good on, or maybe they enhance or position my bits in such a way that makes me look good, feel good. I am not sure what it is but ai really do like it.

I like to feel sexy and bold, to walk out of the house stand tall and just know that under these clothes I am wearing something a that maybe is a little naughty, brash, or that feels really nice.

With all these thoughts in mind I bought something new and it arrive today, nothing wild nothing crazy just some new underwear, but they feel so good and I felt so sexy trying them on for my partner. I got rather excited!

The pic is the style and colour - Aussie Bum are just so great to wear. I find it hard not to be hard with them on.

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