Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Links to make you think

The first link in this series is courtesy of my Friend the critical critic, Constance;

Fashion Guru and 'inventor' of the Punk image - designer of the Sex Pistols outfits - Vivienne Westwood seems to be in the media again, this time not bringing down the constabulary but trashy TV shows, Magazines - encouraging people to read and visit galleries and museums.

It seems Vivienne wants us to be released from the mire of crap and rise out of the depths and reclaim our sanity. Good Luck Vivienne! with all the Hype and Media driven mania around reality TV and Celebrity Gossip you 'll have more of a fight on your hands then I think you can handle.

She is fighting the good fight and I wish her well. Any thoughts on the article?

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Jeff said...

Great blog! I esp. enjoyed reading your thoughts on UU. Great stuff on Joe Hill, too. That book is on my list of "things to read as soon as I get time."

Good stuff! Keep bloggin'!