Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Old Tech

Oh boy... This article is a MUST read for all tech heads... Mind you, you'll probably know about these but it is fun to remember them - or at least remember a time when things like
  • The Lisa
  • the Psion
  • Commadore 64
  • Atari - before they where just a publisher
  • and many more

I loved the Nintendo Game and Watch - I had some driving game, but my friend had the TWO screened Donkey Kong and I used to play that as much as I could... of course he loved playing outside so we never really got to play it as much as I liked (he also had all the big Transformers - but I had Optimus Prime, so that was OK)

To think we are now in an age where our hand helds are joining up with our consoles and we can play against each other, or in co-op with hand helds... I love how technology makes all these things possible and there is still so much more to be achieved.

What ever will be THE next things... will iPhone really be the way ahead or will Nokia come out with something more spectacular...

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