Thursday, 12 July 2007

Listing The Day Away

OK so I did get a few jobs done over my two days off... yes you heard that right TWO DAYS OFF in a row no less...

So the list thing worked - I did all the jobs yesterday and I put up one side of the fence - ran out of materials for the other side but my Dad dropped around and made some suggestions on that side as to how to do it properly. So next week I have another assignment... darn I should get a picture of the great fence... it is almost like the great wall only smaller and more insignificant!

I'll grab a shot in the daylight and post it real soon!

Just got back from taking the terror (aka our puppy- Cookie) for a walk - thought I would go to the park where I can let her off the leash and try to persuade her to not only chase the ball but bring it back to me. Alas it is soccer training night and I didn't want her to be off leash will all these kids and balls and stuff flying around. We did find a quite spot and do a bit of training and she is a good girl - just too much else going on around her. She is now crashed out in her computer room bed between Anjel's and my computer, such a sweetie...

Well must off be I have rehearsal for another play I am in at 6:30 and then I think we are meeting friends from the Big City for dinner - prop some kind of takeaway - and then work starts again tomorrow, oh the joy of it all! (bitching about work here not all the fun things)

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