Sunday, 16 September 2007

Future dreams and wishful thinking

OK Neil Gaiman was asked if he had a rider when he signed books, did a speech or say opened a movie version of one of his books... here it is. In response he linked to a wonderfully witty and very much tongue in cheek rider from Iggy Pop... found here. I loved this so much I had to share it with you all. Iggy you have a biggie indeed!

Great reading!

So what would I want if ever I cold have a rider and that could be anything in the world...

Well I know what Frank wants - and I might meme Constance to let us know what that is... it is one of best riders I have ever heard of - but for me...

I want a spa... big enough for 10
The usual food and drink - what ever I am into at the time
A bed with a feather doona that spins (the bed not the doona)
A big screen TV with the latest video game console and games
Access to the Internet - fast access not dial-up
If I am playing music then I want a bin full of sticks to use during the show
If for theatre or movie then a bin full of stick to use after the show on my
DRUM KIT - whatever the best is at the time!
And a little ride on train!

not mush really!

OK then Meme time, Constance, Anjel, Jeff, John Scalzi there you go you are a Super star what will your rider be??

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