Thursday, 5 March 2009

Drumming, Stover and Recording

My guess is there is no fear that anyone will find out that I used click track through this.  Not to say we didn't use click tracks while we recorded... I just tend to ignore them!!! Once we are playing the song it is all about the 'feel' and the mood of the song.

Hell I would love to record a live session in a large studio then over dub the vocals and fancy guitar stuff... that way we could have the raw feel of our music - which we do a great job of (yes big head time - mind you with the amount of time we have had to perfect our original song we should be good at them) - I this this way we can have all the extra stuff you can get from recording on top of that great solid base we have when we play live...

Hmmm I wonder when we are all recording again... so many new songs that NEED to get on to CD... Record deal please?

If you are interested you can buy our CD or listen to the EP here or through iTunes... Cheers

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