Friday, 12 June 2009

Japan – a reason why


To see this rising over the train tracks we head to the park land of Odaiba.

Gundam2 To glance aside and see the RX78 Gundam waiting in the tree line, waiting… watching…

It’s finished and will be up for our whole trip to Tokyo!

I am so excited I really can't hide it – I had to post this before heading to work just to get it out of my mind for a minute.

Thanks for Danny and Punynari please follow links for photo source and for more shots… Hope to get some myself soon.

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Brian G Ross said...

Hey Ben. I stopped off in Tokyo in October on the way to your neck of the woods back in October. A great place. Granted, I didn't have a huge-ass Transformer watchin' over me when I was there, but still...