Monday, 12 November 2007

Geek In Review

Well Wil Wheaton's article this week is just so right for so many reasons. See it, experience it, feel it, play it - here.

I can relate to everything he has just written, I too hate the 'going to the movies' experience - they have to offer me something I cannot get from a DVD at home. Better seating, clearer picture, uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Mostly of which at the local cinema is a poor mans version so a good theatre experience. I am talking Gold Class, big recliners with sound that moves through you... alas that all costs me WAY to much and is too far away to do all the time. So I either suck it up and go to the low budget cinema complex near here - or wait for DVD.

TV... I hate watching TV live... does anyone really do that anymore? Well OK we watch CSI last night and the 25th Just for Laughs comedy special - but the ads... I turn off (mentally) and I really don't care about these products - in fact I wonder if I am developing a negative reaction to the companies and products because of these ads. I wish I had a DVR then I would watch more TV shows - and skip the ads... NEXT year I am so getting one...

Books... I have too many wishes and too many re reads and NOT nearly enough time.

Games, well I have lamented about this topic too many times and yet I still love to play them - I have the same problem of choosing a game to play and how much time I have to play it. Sometimes I wish I could be more focused and just play the same thing over and over until I was KING OF THE GAME. But I have an attention span of a 3 year old and love to change and do different things - Wii is great for that with virtual console - so many games and all different

And yes the lure of table top gaming still attracts me - the time to play does not, maybe if I forgo sleep for a few years... Hmmmm

Anyhow read Wil article and this will all make sense and make me smile...

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